Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ever wondered?

Have you ever thought while researching for baptisms and marriages how many records there are for the parish you are looking at?

I have picked a random year (1835) for baptisms in the North Co Louth town of Dundalk and for Mid Co Louth the rural small town and surrounding area of Dunleer.

For Dundalk there were 490 baptisms......Dunleer 135. (These numbers are based on R.C.'s only)
Yes, I  did actually count them!

When we look for an ancestor we have to be a bit open minded on the actual year of birth. One must always give a couple of years either side when searching.....see how the numbers you have to go through increase ?

Next time you ask somone to take a look at a register remember it isn't as easy as you might think. Email me! click here


  1. Any mention of a Fr. Richard Flanagan performing those baptisms in Dunleer, Louth?

  2. There is no mention but recording ot the Priest does not go all the way back to original records.

    Fr. Flanagan was a curate there just before the famine time?

    It is noted he had a strong interest in place names.