Tuesday, 21 July 2015

When is a Record not a Record?

We all come up against difficulties in our research. After many years, I thought I had seen it all.

Recently I was tracking a birth from 1879 in a rural parish of Co Cork.

I obtained the civil birth certificate. Name, dates, address etc. all correct. I was then curious enough to try to locate the baptism. One to five 5 days after the birth, I should find him easy enough. No sign of him!

I then thought to myself that perhaps the informant was confused. I checked further back,4 days prior to the birth I thought I had found him. Much to my amazement, instead of seeing a Michael, I saw Bridget! Same parents and  same address.  

I had a Michael with  a birth cert. but no baptism. I had a Bridget's baptism with no birth cert. What would you go for? They are both official records.

I had spent a number of days researching, I have now proved Michael in 1879 beyond doubt.

The Priest must have made a mistake. Most people think of a couple baptising their child one or two days after the birth in the local church.

1. The mother wouldn't be there, There was a tradition of the Mother not attending church for a month. The church gave the mother a "special blessing" after the month. Basically the church thought her as "unclean",

2. Many children were baptised at home. If the child was weak, and there was a chance the baby wouldn't make it, it was common that the woman delivering the baby could baptise the child. 

The notes of the baptims of those baptised at home might have been kept and then added into the register at a later stage. I believe this is where the mistake was made.

I did think of different scenarios, including twins. One registered and one not, also one baptised the other not. That was too unlikely.

I'm happy enough now that I have found Michael. Michael appears with family members in the 1901 census, I obtained all details from his marriage certificate and I know where he was buried.

The only reference to a Bridget is the baptism, which I now know  is incorrect.

All of the above goes to show that more than the one record is needed if possible. No matter how unlikely the scenario. 

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cork Parish Records

St Mary's & St Anne's RC Cathedral (The North Cathedral) is situated on the northside of Cork City.

The records available are from the 1700's to c1900 - baptisms & marriages. These records amount to hundreds of thousands in number.

These records are not available online. 

If anyone would like me to search these records I will gladly do so. I would only ask for a small amount to cover travel costs.

The link to email me is below.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Death Records in Irish Parish Registers.

I am listing Irish Parish Registers that contain death records. I will also add same for confirmations.

Stamullen, Co Meath, deaths are available Jan. 1834 - June 1873.

Rathnure & Templeudigan, Co Wexford, deaths are available October 1846 - October 1880. They also have confirmations 1853 - 1875.

Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Deaths - 1815 - 1880 name and age in early years, address is recorded much later. 

 Adamstown, Co Wexford, Deaths - Sept. 1823 - Jan. 1832. 

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Monday, 6 July 2015


I have begun to research the Teeling surname for Co's Meath & Dublin. Hopefully I will find a connection to the Teeling's of Co Dublin. Particularly the people at  Teeling Whiskey of Dublin. One of the world's greatest producers of Irish Whiskey.

I have begun a database of all Teeling baptisms and/or births from Meath and Dublin. Obviously this is a long term project. If anyone has any records of same, I would be delighted to hear from you.

A family headstone giving details of some of my Teeling's.

Here are two Teeling baptisms from Co. Meath.

Christopher Teeling bap. 2-5-1845 Parish of Curraha, Co. Meath. Parents James Teeling & Catherine Sherry. sponsors - Peter Mathews & Jane Sherry.

Peter Teeling bap. 29-6-1835 Parish of Bohermeen, Co Meath. Parents Edward Teeling & Judith Duffy. sponsors - Richard Clare & Anne Monaghan.

I will update in the future on my progress.

(c) Kevin McCormack.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Researching your Irish Ancestry.

So many people believe their Irish research is a difficult task. Whilst it can be,  with a bit of help and local knowledge, it can be relatively easy. So long as you have the basic information.

If you need a little research carried out, and a lot of local knowledge, I can assist you.

Send me a short email with the basic information, I will do my very best to help you.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Teeling Family Headstone

All people recorded on this headstone are ancestors of mine. These Teeling's are from Co. Meath. All of my paternal ancestors are from Co's. Dublin, Meath & Louth.

Erected AD 1804 by ChristyTeeling of Bellewstown for him and his posterity. here lieth the body of his father John Teeling who departed this life the 29th of November 1789 aged 76 years. Here also lieth the body of Margaret Watters alias Teeling sister of the above Christy who departed this life 18December 1803 aged 34 years John Teeling 15th August1853 aged 50years.Christy Teeling died 6th July 1863. Aged 20years Anne Teeling died 25th January 1870 aged 20years Judith Teeling died 5th august rest in peace amen 1888 aged74 years.
John 1853 & Judith 1888 being my Gx3 grandparents.

(c) Kevin McCormack.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Reading a Parish Register 1841

The photograph below is one that I took of a Co. Cork Parish Baptismal register. The  entries are from 1841.

This register is in good condition and is relatively easy to read. If you aren't accustomed to Irish names, you might find it a bit difficult.

It's worth trying to transcribe the records for yourself to give you some practice. Images that will be coming on line soon may not be so clear.

(c) Kevin McCormack

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Irish Death Certificates

Obtaining death certs. of your ancestors can be more than interesting.

However, getting to transcribe them can be difficult.

I have added below the cause of death. It took me sometime to work it out.

Give it a go yourself. Good luck!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Some Irish in Toledo OH. 1843

Here are a few people from Ireland who emmigrated to Toledo, OH. pre 1843.

Patrick Casey Tipperary  -  James Convarne Kilkenny  -  Thomas Tyrell  Tipperary - Arthur Hughes Monaghan -  Thos Carr  Leitrim - Patrick Duffey Westmeath -  Michael Gaffney Roscommon  -  James Carr Leitrim - Bernard McMullen Antrim - Betsey McMullen Antrim - James Byrne Monaghan - Patrick McCarthy  Tipperary -  Fulton Henderson  Tyrone - George Fitzgerald  Meath - Cornelius O’Connell Cork - P. O’Connell Limerick - Joseph White Tipperary - Pat Correy Tipperary - Peter Gribban Derry -  James Carig Galway - John Gribban Derry. Email me! click here

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Irish Ancestry Books By County

I have many books covering Irish ancestry. From advice to resources, these books give great detail on what is available.

I highly recommend Flyleaf Press who regularly publish books on individual Irish County research. They have published books on 11 counties to date. Kildare is the latest county to be published. (10th December 2014)

" Tracing your Kildare Ancestors " gives all the advice you need to research your ancestors in the County.

If you would like to purchase a copy of one of their books you can email them directly.

The following Counties are covered with more to follow -

Roscommon, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Donegal, Mayo, Limerick, Sligo, Kildare, Westmeath & Clare.

These titles make an ideal gift and are a must for your research in the  County of your interest. 

I have no connection with Flyleaf Press at all. I have acquired several of their books and pass on this information as good advice.

If you'd like to contact me requiring further advice please email me. Email me! click here