Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival - Cork, Ireland

I have great pleasure in doing my little bit to promote the "Spirit of Mother Jones" Annual Festival 2014. The festival is taking place in Shandon, Cork from Tuesday 29th July to Friday 1st August, 2014.

Festival Details

I will be attending several events myself. I wish all those involved the very best and many thanks for their much appreciated time and effort.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Sharkey marriages of Co Louth

A few Sharkey / Sharky marriages from the Parish of Tallanstown, Co. Louth.

1806 Pat Sharky & Mary Cassidy witnesses Nicholas Sharky & Pat O’Hara.

21-1-1829 Thomas Sharky & Mary Cassidy (is this a 2nd  marriage for Mary?)  wit. James Carragher & Revd Thomas Callan

24-1-1830 Bryan Sharky & Mary Mullan wit. Pat Mullan & Anne Conly

30-4-1830 Peter Sharky & Anne Conly wit Anne Breen & Peter Sharky

22-2-1819 Owen Sharky & Anne Halfpenny wit John Moore & Nathaniel Blackwell 

18-2-1821 Pat Sharky & Rose Breen wit. Mat Halfpenny & Anne Conly

6-3-1821 Thomas Sharky & Judith Finigan wit  Bryan McKenna & James McKenna

5-2-1823 Peter Sharky & Elizabeth Christie wit Patrick Durnin & Bryan Sharky

31-5-1824 Peter Sharky & Mary Callan wit John McKenna & Margaret Callan

5-2-1826 Mathew Sharky & Mary Carroll wit Pat Connor & Mary McKeever

? - 6- 1827 Bryan Sharky & Mary Durnin wit Bridget Durnin & George Delahoyd

19-4-1831 Michael Sharky & Cath Campbell wit Pat McHugh & Biddy Campbell For further info. you can email me from the home page.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Would You Like to Help in Research?

Though I do all of my own research, I thought readers here might like to assist and join in.

At the moment I am researching a family from Macroom, Co. Cork.

I will give details on the immediate family, I will then explain where I need to go from there.

I have a couple named John Cremin (a number of surname variants) and his wife Ellen O'Brien. They had 6 children......6 that were baptised in Macroom anyway. 

Mary Cremin bap. 18th July 1875 sps. Cornelius Cremin & Anne O'Brien.

Daniel Cremin bap. 3rd April 1877 sps. Denis Murphy & Margaret Murphy.

Patrick Cremin bap. 3rd March 1879 sps. Daniel Kelleher & Mary O'Brien.

Cornelius Cremin bap. 27th April 1882 sps. Denis O'Brien & Mary Anne McCarthy

John Cremin bap. 5th August 1884 sps. John O'Brien & Mary Anne Cunningham.

Hannah Cremin bap. 15th April 1887 sps. Garret Preston & Mary Brown.

Ellen O'Brien died in 1888 of TB. Ellen was recorded as being 32 years of age at death. I do not believe she had another child before Mary  elsewhere.

John Cremin was a cattle dealer as was his brother Cornelius. (see sponsor) I believe John and Cornelius's father to be Daniel. Both named their eldest son Daniel. 

There is no marriage for John and Ellen in Macroom R.C. I want to go further back in the research of John and Ellen. I do know Ellen's mother was Mary and her father was probably Patrick.  If you'd like to join in with the fun, feel free to email me. A link for my email addss. is in the top right hand corner of the page. 
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Monday, 19 May 2014

Families and Properties in the Irish censuses

Following on from the previous post. I have added another photo of properties that appeared in the 1911 census of Cork City.

Horgan's Buildings are on Magazine Road, Cork.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Families and Properties in the Irish censuses

If your ancestors were from the cities and towns of Ireland do not be surprised to find  the properties that they lived in still existing in 2014.

Only today I took a walk around the city. I was surprised to find some of the streets and lanes that one can see in the 1901 & 1911 censuses of Ireland.

If you google Crones Lane 1911 you will see the families that lived there, with images of the original census. 

See below Crone's Lane, Cork City 2014.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dundalk Co Louth baptismal surnames 1891

January - April.

Taaffe, Watters, Gaskin, Lennon, Hughes, Byrne, McGill, Green, Byrne, Funnell, Ferguson, Smyth, Watters, McNally, Green, Doogan, Byrne, Mullen, Smythe, Watters, Reilly, Geoghan, Morgan, Mulholland, Morgan, Hoey, Bennett, Byrne, McDonald, O'Hagan, Martin, Conlan, Keenan, Quigley, Lennon, Lambe, Hearty, Traynor, Carroll, Crolly, Corrigan, Arthurs, McGill, Bennett, McKenna, Rogers, McIntegart, Morgan, Collins, Sheils, Morgan, McKenna, Magee, McBanon, Vallely, Rourke, Duffy, Morgan, Gilmore, Harrison, Coleman, Murphy, Clarke, Callan, Haughey, Gray, Herty, Murray, Farrell, Flynn, Grimes, Cassidy, Lennon, Kirk, McCartney, McCarthy, McKeone, Atkinson, Ferris, Hagan, Kelly, Markham. © Kevin McCormack 2014 If you need assistance with Co Louth records please ask via email - Email me! click here

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Marriages from Ballyvourney Co Cork.

A small selection of marriages from the RC parish of Ballyvourney, Co Cork.

Please allow for possible spelling errors.

Dates are in Irish form, not American...... day-month-year.

9-2-1875 Timothy Lehane & Ellen Murphy both of Slievereagh. Fathers names- John Lehane & Pat Toumey.

24-10-1875 Pat Murphy (Ballyvourney) & Ellen Twomey (Shanacloune) Fathers names- Pat Murphy & Matt Twomey.

17-2-1876 James Connor (Derrysagart) & Catherine Lynch (Derrenaulig) Fathers names Thomas Connor & Cornelius Lynch.

22-2-1876 Timothy Riordan (Macroom) & Margaret Lehane (Dangansalagh) Fathers names Daniel Riordan & Daniel Lehane.

24-2-1876 Daniel Murphy (Carrigphovea) & Julia Creedon (Carriganumid) Fathers names Daniel Murphy&Cornelius Creedon.

26-2-1876 John O'Leary (Crossfield) & Ellen O'Herlihy (Derrysagart) Fathers names Daniel O'Leary & John O'Herlihy.

27-2-1876 Jeremiah Dinneen (Derryncullig) & Julia Healy (Inchamore) Fathers names Michael Dinneen & Jeremiah Healy.

27-2-1876 William Twomey (Currahy) & Honora Murray (Inchamore) Fathers names Timothy Twomey & Pat Murray.

More to follow.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Baptisms from St Peter's RC Drogheda

Month follows day.

1-1-1876 Mary Anne Reynolds (Laurence Gate) of John Reynolds & Annie Fanning.

3-1-1876 Joseph King (Hand Street) of James King & Mary Haverty.

3-1-1876 Mary King (Windmill Lane) of Michael Keegan & Catherine Devlin.

7-1-1876 Agnes Farrelly (Scarlet Street) of Terence Farrelly & Catherine Clusky.

9-1-1876 James Joseph Taaffe (Cabra Row) of John Taaffe & Anne Kelly.

13-1-1876 Thomas Michael Kelly of Walter Kelly & Mary Elizabeth Kelly.

16-1-1876 Patrick Campbell (Magdalen Street) of Patrick Campbell & Bridget Gargan.

16-1-1876 John Joseph Kelly (West Street) of John Kelly & Elizabeth Clarke. 

16-1-1876 Simon Carroll of John Carroll & Mary O'Neil.

16-1-1876 Mary Elizabeth Tippings (Scarlet Street) of John Tippings & Elizabeth Mullan. More to follow. © Kevin McCormack 2014 Email me! click here

Monday, 6 January 2014

Lennon of Dundalk - Baptisms

The following baptisms from Dundalk cover entries with Lennon connections.

 18-9-1790 A Hugh Lenan sponsor at a Hinnin baptism - mother McAlister.
 27-9-1790 Mary McArdle (Knockahh) of Arthur McArdle & Bridget Lennan sponsors both McArdle’s.
 2-11-1790 Mary Lennin (Skyhill )of John Lennin & Mary Branan sp’s Daniel Wyre & Anne McCoy
 21-4-1791 Patrick Rudy (Shortstone) Andrew Rudy & Margaret Lennan sp’s James Smith & Mary Rudy 29-4-1791 Patrick Lennan sponsor at a Casey baptism- mother Corr (Shortstone)
 5-5-1791 Thomas McShane (Eden Kell) of Peter McShane & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Mandivil & Caty Lennan
 28-7-1791 Bidy Lennan sponsor at a Read baptism - mother Shoulder (Shortstone)
 8-9-1791 Patrick Dobbs (Tankards Cross) of Patrick Dobbs & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Lennan & Betty Lennan
 30-7-1791 John Lennan (Dowdallshill) of Hugh Lennan & Margaret McDonnel sp's Daniel Bennet & Elenor Quigly
 31-7-1791 Mary Rorke (Dowdallshill) of James Rorke & Caty Lennan sp. Caty Lennan
 6-8-1791 Anne Lennan sponsor at a Donnelly baptism - mothers surname Corran
 8-9-1791 Patrick Dobbs (Tankards Cross) of Patrick Dobbs & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Lennan & Betty Lennan
 4-11-1791 Thomas Owen (Knockahh) of Lamb Owen? & Caty Lennan sp's James Mathews & Caty McShane
 16-12-1791 Hugh Downey (Dowdallshill) of Nicholas Downey & Ann Lennan sp's Hugh Muckian & Rose Knowledge
 14-1-1792 Mary Lennan sponsor at a Callan baptism - mothers surname McVoy
 27-1-1792 James Lennan (Dowdallshill) pf Patrick Lennan & Mary Divany sp's Peter Lennan & Margaret McKone
 10-2-1792 Mary Devlin (Dundalk) of James Devlin & Mary Lennan sp's Henery Mallon & Bidy Ruddy 27-2-1792 Pat Murphy (Knockahh) of Laurence Murphy & Mary Lennan sp's Thomas Hagan & Betty O'Hare.
 28-2-1792 Margaret Lambe (Knockahh) of Owen Lambe & Mary Lennan sp's Patrick McMahon & Margaret Deery
 1-3-1792 Catherine Morgan (Dundalk) of Arthur Morgan & Mary Lennan sp's Pat Nugent & Anne Roddy 14-3-1792 Mary Duffy (Skyhill) of Owen Duffy & Rose Lennan sp;s Bernard Duffy & Bridget Gernon
 3-4-1792 Patrick Lennon sponsor at Mackin baptism......mother's surname McKitrick
 19-5-1792 Thomas Lennan (Dundalk) of Owen Lennan & Catherine Moylan sp's Michael Haughey & Mary Hamill
 18-6-1792 Owen Lennan (Dundalk) sponsor at Hamill baptism....mother's surname Corkan
 16-11-1792 Michael Lambe (Knockahh) of Owen Lambe & Caty Lennon sp's Laurence Casey & Mary McArdell

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Research your Irish Family History

Research your Irish Family History

For people visiting Ireland to research their Irish ancestry the National Library of Ireland ( NLI ) is a must. The NLI is situated in central Dublin next to Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) and just a couple of minutes walk from St. Stephen's Green and Trinity College. 

I am lucky that I get to Dublin from time to time and I visited Dublin a few weeks ago.

I will begin with a few words  of advice for visitors to hopefully assist their research and also where to stay etc.

Literally less than a 40 second walk away from the NLI is a fine hotel on Molesworth Street. Buswells hotel  is reasonably priced with friendly and helpful staff. I can't recommend this hotel highly enough. A major plus of the hotel is  that it keeps travel costs down, Grafton Street is at the end of the street and the the bus link for Dublin Airport is nearby. I have linked the contact details for  Buswells Hotel or you can directly email the hotel. 

At the NLI you can search RC registers (usually pre 1880) on film covering all of Ireland. In the adjoining room you can ask for advice where the staff are most helpful really should be well prepared for your visit and if you need any advice please email me at the link below.

Not only are there RC records available at the NLI. Out of curiousity I went in search of The Society of Friends "Quakers" records where I looked at Rich Hill, Co Armagh records. The records are very extensive and if you have ancestors who were members and the area is covered then you will be very pleased.

I will not draw this out too long as I couldn't possibly cover what is available. Please feel free to contact me for advice and please, please visit Ireland. You will not regret it.

All the best in your quest in finding your Irish ancestry. © Kevin McCormack 2014 Email me! click here