Friday, 3 October 2014

Memorial Inscriptions- Blarney Co Cork

I was recently in Blarney,  here is an example of an memorial inscription from the Church of Ireland, Blarney, Cork.

"Sacred To The Memory of  Dorcas Louisa The Dearly Beloved Wife of Samuel Trant McCarthy Born 29th March 1848
Died 19th January 1894.

More to follow.

(c) Kevin McCormack

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Old Letters (1915)

Many thanks to Marg of Co Cork for the following letter.

The letter is from James of Liverpool (born 1885) who was the son of Irish immigrants. James is writing to his maternal Uncle who was in Galway, Ireland.

1st Ty Irish Battn
7th Camp
Sutton Veny
Warminster, Wilts.
Nov 25th 1915.
24th Northumberland Fusiliers

Dear Uncle Tom,

In another few days the call we have all been longing for will come & we shall proceed to the Front, whether in France or Serbia we do not know. Anyhow we go & in a very few days now. After 13 months hard training.

I suppose I’m ungrateful & unnatural to have kept silent all these years.  I know I am, but still I have had you often in my thoughts & as you see, I’m not going away without saying ‘Goodbye’ & ask your benediction. And say a prayer now & then for me – not that I may come back, for I don’t expect that somehow & anyway I should be proud to die for the Cause – but that I may die, if I am to die, nobly and fighting bravely, worthy of the regiment I have the honour to be in and heroically as every Irish soldier does die.

I suppose – at least I’ve heard, that you did not approve of my action in joining the army, to do & die for England! Why not? After all though she has been a bad sister, she is a sister & we must help her. Besides who would be out of such a fight. And do we want it said, when the war is over, that Ireland did not do her share. Oh! Tom, if ever an Irishman lived who worshipped every blade of grass in her green fields & every sod of turf from her brown bog I am he. And I am proud to think that the lads I shall lead into action a few days hence are Irish lads & that the music that will fall on our ears will be [are – crossed out] the shrill notes of the old Irish war pipes. Indeed it would do you good to see the Tyneside Irish stripped for action 4,500 of the finest, hardest men that ever put on khaki.

This all sounds like an Apologia – and I don’t mean it to be. I am writing just to tell you that in your regard I am the same James as I always was; that I love you just the same & want you to look on the many acts by which I led you to believe that I was ungrateful, unmindful of the old days and that that love was dead. And I’m sending you a photograph so that you may see that if the Army has done nothing else it has made a man of me. Did you ever think that the [unreadable] you used to [unreadable] would one day work [?] all day, sleep in the fields all night and work in trenches for 24 hrs in pelting rain as I have done lately?

There is very little about A. Mary here – but ask her not to mind and tell her I mean this letter for you both. I hope you are both well & that she is now grown out of the bilious bouts. I have.

And lastly. If poor old Granny understands, Mum [? Mumma?] tells me she is very childish nowadays, just tell her I was asking for her & that I send her my love. And would you you who are so kind to everyone & whom everybody loves, at least they used to, do all that you can to make her last few days of life as easy & as comfortable as you can.

Goodbye now dear aunt & uncle.

I send you my best love & renew my request for a prayer that I may not fail or falter.

Your loving nephew

James McLoughlin Lt 24th S [G?] B N

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I travel a lot for records and photographs. I also spend a great deal on postage, internet access etc.

I am willing to put up records and images at request.

If you'd like to make a small contribution please email.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Your Past Letters on Line

Do you have old letters relating to Ireland and  consider them of interest?

I will publish any transcribed letter here to show to the Irish around the world. An image of the letter (full or part) would add interest too.

I'd be particularly interested in letters from  1914-1922 (WWI, The Rising, War of Independence & Civil War). 

 Any interesting letter will be published. Covering any topic. Letters from abroad to Ireland and vice versa would be most welcome.

Please email me kevmccresearcher at gmail dot com

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Great Famine - An Gorta Mór Skibbereen, Co Cork

I have added some images from the burial ground in Skibbereen, Co Cork.

There are headstones of all shapes and sizes. Also here is the mass grave of some 9,000 victims.

If you have ancestry from West Cork and you are more than curious, I'm always willing to help out.

If you are visiting Ireland and you have an interest in your ancestry. Please attempt to visit places like Skibbereen ......not only is it  interesting but very moving too.

To learn more about the subject read here.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ancestry Gifts - Embroidered Family Trees

Here is an embroidered tree (maternal line) that I recently had done for myself.

There is a lot of work that goes into it. I think it makes the ideal gift....... a family heirloom.

The cost of this is around £58 sterling. P&P might be more depending on where it is being sent to. I recommend registered post. (£8) £67.

My tree has a flower and birds which is significant to my Welsh side of the family. The lady who does the trees would advise you on what you could have.

The size of the tree is 16" x 12" and it is on linen. The frame is not included.

Feel free to email me if you would be interested in this for yourself or as a gift.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Co Louth Ancestry Look Ups.

I spend a large amount of time researching ancestors from Co Louth. I carry out most of these searches in Dublin.

If anyone would like me to research their ancestry in Co Louth, I will gladly do so.

I will charge 15 euro only, for up to 10 records. This is strictly to cover costs only.

Feel free to email anytime.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival - Cork, Ireland

I have great pleasure in doing my little bit to promote the "Spirit of Mother Jones" Annual Festival 2014. The festival is taking place in Shandon, Cork from Tuesday 29th July to Friday 1st August, 2014.

Festival Details

I will be attending several events myself. I wish all those involved the very best and many thanks for their much appreciated time and effort.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Sharkey marriages of Co Louth

A few Sharkey / Sharky marriages from the Parish of Tallanstown, Co. Louth.

1806 Pat Sharky & Mary Cassidy witnesses Nicholas Sharky & Pat O’Hara.

21-1-1829 Thomas Sharky & Mary Cassidy (is this a 2nd  marriage for Mary?)  wit. James Carragher & Revd Thomas Callan

24-1-1830 Bryan Sharky & Mary Mullan wit. Pat Mullan & Anne Conly

30-4-1830 Peter Sharky & Anne Conly wit Anne Breen & Peter Sharky

22-2-1819 Owen Sharky & Anne Halfpenny wit John Moore & Nathaniel Blackwell 

18-2-1821 Pat Sharky & Rose Breen wit. Mat Halfpenny & Anne Conly

6-3-1821 Thomas Sharky & Judith Finigan wit  Bryan McKenna & James McKenna

5-2-1823 Peter Sharky & Elizabeth Christie wit Patrick Durnin & Bryan Sharky

31-5-1824 Peter Sharky & Mary Callan wit John McKenna & Margaret Callan

5-2-1826 Mathew Sharky & Mary Carroll wit Pat Connor & Mary McKeever

? - 6- 1827 Bryan Sharky & Mary Durnin wit Bridget Durnin & George Delahoyd

19-4-1831 Michael Sharky & Cath Campbell wit Pat McHugh & Biddy Campbell For further info. you can email me from the home page.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Would You Like to Help in Research?

Though I do all of my own research, I thought readers here might like to assist and join in.

At the moment I am researching a family from Macroom, Co. Cork.

I will give details on the immediate family, I will then explain where I need to go from there.

I have a couple named John Cremin (a number of surname variants) and his wife Ellen O'Brien. They had 6 children......6 that were baptised in Macroom anyway. 

Mary Cremin bap. 18th July 1875 sps. Cornelius Cremin & Anne O'Brien.

Daniel Cremin bap. 3rd April 1877 sps. Denis Murphy & Margaret Murphy.

Patrick Cremin bap. 3rd March 1879 sps. Daniel Kelleher & Mary O'Brien.

Cornelius Cremin bap. 27th April 1882 sps. Denis O'Brien & Mary Anne McCarthy

John Cremin bap. 5th August 1884 sps. John O'Brien & Mary Anne Cunningham.

Hannah Cremin bap. 15th April 1887 sps. Garret Preston & Mary Brown.

Ellen O'Brien died in 1888 of TB. Ellen was recorded as being 32 years of age at death. I do not believe she had another child before Mary  elsewhere.

John Cremin was a cattle dealer as was his brother Cornelius. (see sponsor) I believe John and Cornelius's father to be Daniel. Both named their eldest son Daniel. 

There is no marriage for John and Ellen in Macroom R.C. I want to go further back in the research of John and Ellen. I do know Ellen's mother was Mary and her father was probably Patrick.  If you'd like to join in with the fun, feel free to email me. A link for my email addss. is in the top right hand corner of the page. 
© Kevin McCormack 2014