Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ever wondered?

Have you ever thought while researching for baptisms and marriages how many records there are for the parish you are looking at?

I have picked a random year (1835) for baptisms in the North Co Louth town of Dundalk and for Mid Co Louth the rural small town and surrounding area of Dunleer.

For Dundalk there were 490 baptisms......Dunleer 135. (These numbers are based on R.C.'s only)
Yes, I  did actually count them!

When we look for an ancestor we have to be a bit open minded on the actual year of birth. One must always give a couple of years either side when searching.....see how the numbers you have to go through increase ?

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Mary Harris (Mother Jones)

Mary Harris was born in Cork City 1837 and was baptized on the 1st August, 1837 at St Mary & St Anne's R.C. cathedral.
Mary was the daughter of Richard Harris of Cork City and Ellen Cotter who was from Inchigeelagh, Co Cork.
I have many records on the family and I have an image of the marriage of Richard & Ellen from the register at Inchigeelagh. (see below-1834)

The family moved to North America at some stage during the famine.

If you google "Mother Jones" you will see that much was written about her.

Mary was once described as "America's most dangerous woman." To read more - click here.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Terrence MacSwiney

The following is a link to a film clip of the funeral of the Lord Mayor of Cork, Terrence MacSwiney who died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison, London. 1879-1920.

Terrence MacSwiney is buried in the republican plot of St. Finbarr's cemetery in Cork city.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Records from the Irish Civil War

My children's great grandfather served in the IRA during the "War of Independence" and the "Irish Civil War."

 Denis McCarthy, Address, - - - - - - - -.
Age 22. Single. Rank: O.C. Transport 3rd Battalion 1st Cork Brigade. Employment: Labourer. Sure of Employment: No. Education:Fair. Circumstances: Poor. Work Prospects: He is an able motor driver. (Removed to hospital July 31st. Refused to sign form).

The prisoners were released if they were willing to sign a form disavowing their allegiance to the Republicam cause. Obviously Denis was threatened that he would not be sent to hospital to be treated for his illness unless he signed this form. He steadfastly refused to sign and was eventually sent to hospital as the prison authorities feared he might die.They probably feared trouble in the prison, which was grossly overcrowded, and in which conditions were desperate, if a prisoner died from neglect.

Denis escaped from the hospital dressed as a woman after visitors brought the clothes into him.Pictured below are the medals he was awarded. War of Independence 1921 with active service bar, Survivors medal 1921-1971 and a medal awarded after "the emergency."
medals shown by his great grandson Seán. (my son)

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Gx3 Grandparents Marriage 1791

This is a photocopy of an entry from the Parish registers of Tallanstown, Co. Louth. My Gx3 grandparents were married in 1791. Not all entries would be as good as this and of course some registers are better.
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