Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Scriven Family of Macroom Co Cork Ireland

The following headstones are from St. Colman's CofI graveyard, Macroom.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Good Shepherd Convent Sundays Well, Cork

The Good Shepherd, Magdalen Asylum was an orphanage and Magdalen Laundry from 1872 - 1970's.

This post is a brief record of some of the children and women who resided there. I first became interested in the Convent after seeing the burial place of a number of these women and children at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Cork.  

Please do not contact with possible records, this is a project of mine and is ongoing. Thanks..

Margaret Rabbit d. 13-8-1910  St. Finbarr's School. Cause of death - Enteric Fever  3 days in hospital aged 19.

Mary Kate Corkery d. 8-4-1911 Good Shepherd Convent. Cause of death - Phthisis aged 14.

Marcella McGovern d. 26-6-1916 Good Shepherd Convent. Cause of death - Tubercular Meningitis aged 13.

Christina McAuliffe d. 21-7-1903 - Cork Union Hospital - Cause of death - Tubercular Meningitis aged 12  (born Co. Cork)

Mary Anne Keating d. 20-8-1908  - Good Shepherd Convent -Cause of death - Meningitis & Paralysis of throat aged 50  

Morte to follow.

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