Sunday, 29 April 2012

Irish Newspaper Obituaries

I have started collecting newspaper obituaries on my ancestors of late and I have been delighted with the information that a few of them have contained.

Not only can  you get the immediate family but you can get information on the extended family too. For example it can add "American and English newspapers please copy." Giving the proof that relatives are in those countries too.

I have recently applied for the obituary of a great grandfather from Co. Dublin, a great grandmother from Drogheda, Co. Louth and a sibling to another great grandmother from Co. Meath. These all died in the 1930's and all were born just a few years after the famine.

When you obtain the death cert. of one of your ancestors it is well worth researching to see if an obit. exists in the next publication of the newspaper. Remember most newspapers were published weekly or  bi-weekly.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Philadelphia Irish

The President of the new association of "The Friends of Ireland and Repeal" of Philadelphia wrote to an Irish newspaper in 1843.

He announced the sum of £50 sterling as a donation and also listed hundreds of donors to the cause and adding their birth place also. This donation was made to the Loyal National Repeal Association of Ireland. (Repeal of the Union)

The following is a small example of the many hundreds of donors with birth place. Apparently all lived at Beaver's Meadow.

Rev. James Moloney, King's Co.  Rev Joseph Berg, Hungary. William H Cole, Pennsylvania. P.H.Whelan, Pennsylvania. B.McClane and Major William Bruce, Cavan. Samuel E Wolfe and John Farrelly, Pennsylvania. Andrew McCabe, Peter Coyle, James Donoghue, Patrick McHugh, Philip Coyle, Richard McGavan, Patrick Ganahan, all Co Cavan. Hugh Gallagher and James Early, Donegal. John and Margaret Hickey, Co Tipperary, John Kelly, Co Longford. Henry Hughes, Armagh. Peter Mead, Mayo. Charles Smith, Down. Denis Driscol, Cork. John Marlow, Tyrone. Patrick Carlisle, Louth. Owen Seery & Co. Westmeath. William Field ex sheriff, Pennsylvania. Patrick Delaney, Kilkenny. John Murphy, Drogheda, Co Louth. James Moloney, Roscommon. Patrick Towers, Dublin.

If anyone would like me to look up for others amongst the donors please e mail below. The number of donors could be touching 1,000. Email me! click here

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Christmas Fair Drogheda 1865

At times you can come across little bits of information on your ancestors by chance.

While looking through a newspaper (1865) and reading about the "Great Christmas Fair" of Drogheda I saw many details of farmers who were selling their stock.

Half way through the article I spotted my Great x2 Grandfather Arthur Savage who sold 4 "splendid looking fat heifers" at 24s. each. (£1 - 4 shillings.)

The article mentioned the townland within the parish that he lived in Co Meath so I knew immediately it was him.

It's not on my list of "favourite discoveries" that I have made during my research but it does show that with time, effort and yes, luck too......much can be learnt over time. Email me! click here

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Co. Galway Tenants Defence Association

The following are delegates for the Co Galway convention in connection with the Tenants Defence Association held in 1889 in Galway city. (There were hundreds more delegates)

Galway City - R. McDonough, J.N. Sleator, A.G.Scott, M.A. Lynch, Chas. Kaine, P.J. Donellan.

Athenry -  J.F. Broderick, M.J. Lardner, T.J. Finnerty, J.P. Broderick, R.P. Nolan.

Portumna - Edwd. Moloney, John Keary, D. Burke, Martin Fahy, John Morrissey.

Killimore - J.Hobbes, Pat Fahy, T. Kenney, Timothy Kernan, Patrick Larkin.

Ballinasloe - Thos. Byrne, Patrick O'Neill, Paul Brennan, William Purtil, John Nangie, Peter Nevin.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Co Westmeath Land League

Delegates for Co Westmeath April 1881.

I have not recorded all the parishes but I do have them for this time.

I have transcribed  these from a newspaper when I was researching in Dublin. Possible spelling mistakes have to be allowed for.
Co Westmeath Land League

Mullingar Branch-

Nicholas McNaboe, William Mackin, W.Farrell & James Tuite hon. Sec.

Horseleap - Richard F. Weir & William Sheil

Coulstown - James Clarke & Peter Carley

Rochfort Bridge - James King & James Harford

Turin - Owen Cleary & Andrew Clarke

Taughmon - Richard Duffy & Andrew Bandon

Rathowen - C White & C Dundis

Street - Michael Duff & Conner Gilsenan

Delvin - Joseph Ward

Moate - James Allen & L. Robbins.

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