Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bringing The Griffiths Valuation Forward

I have often wrote on the Griffith's Valuation  that it is possible to research the property and to show the change in tenants / landowners.

In the Griffith's Valuation the entry has a lot number which it keeps through out the years. The tenant is crossed out when a new tenant is shown and of course this is often a family member.

Below is an image showing a son taking over the property from his father in 1922 Co Donegal. In the Griffith's Valuation it was Edward's mother who was shown as the tenant. The property was in existence up until 1958. The full record of the property covering 100 years. The Tithes Applotments may show the property in the 1830's.

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  1. Apologies about the shadow.

  2. That's neat, Kevin. I have only seen copies on films and the colors don't show up. So checking the original, like you have, gives more depth to the information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Pat, It doesn't show other info. but I will publish a full image in time. I'll make sure I get a perfect image next time.

    The colours are important as they represent certain years.