Thursday, 15 December 2011

Visiting the town of my ancestors.

Not only am I going to write about my ancestors but also the places where they are from.
My McCormack’s came from the parish of Tallanstown, Co Louth and in fact my Great Grandfather Bernard McCormack was born in Tallanstown during the famine. (1849)
I must admit I was more than pleasantly surprised when I visited Tallanstown. Not only is it well situated to visit Drogheda and Dundalk it is one of the finest villages/small towns I have visited in Ireland. (tidiest town winner of 2011)
There certainly appears to be a strong community spirit but also the local people are so friendly and helpful.
I was most fortunate to stay at a local B&B run by John and Anne Sheridan. Not only was it an excellent and comfortable stay but it helped me immensely that Anne has more than a passing interest in Genealogy. I highly  recommend Louth Hall B&B to anyone visiting Co Louth. Being known as the “Wee County” (Ireland’s smallest county) everything is nearby.
I felt great pleasure in knowing my ancestors were from such a fine town and I am sure my ancestors were equally as nice as those that I met on my trip.
I'd like to generate more interest in Co. Louth and visitors to the area. Many millions across the world claim Irish ancestry and if we can all do our little bit to create visitors and business Ireland will benefit.This post is drawing attention to not only Tallanstown, Co. Louth but Ireland as a whole.
Rose McCormack bap. 30th July 1845 at Tallanstown, Co Louth of same parents.
 Thomas McCormack bap. 20th Sept. 1847 at Tallanstown, Co Louth of same parents. 
Bernard McCormack bap 16th Jan. 1848 at Tallanstown, Co Louth of same parents 
Bernard McCormack bap 20th Jan 1849 at Tallanstown, Co Louth of same parents.

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  1. looking for any mccarties the spelling the same as i have a cork examiner and spelling goes back 1700

  2. Names evolved....the following generation could of used McCarrthy. Its the same surname whatever way it was recorded.