Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Recearching and Visiting Co.Cork.

Co Cork is a wonderful county to visit and to research further into your family history.

The City & County reference libraries are a must to visit, along with Cork City & County Archives.  

Parish churches can be visited to look through parish registers. I advise  you contact the parish secretary via email to make an appointment. It would be advisable to make a small donation towards parish funds. 

Visiting Cobh (Queenstown) is worth the time and effort. This would be the most likely point where your ancestors departed.

I strongly recommend a visit to Skibbereen in West Cork. This link will show you how interesting the town is as is the  Skibbereen Heritage Centre .

If you are looking for accomodation in Cork, I recommend a hotel which is literally across the road from the County Reference Library . The Kingsley Hotel is only 5 mins from Cork City and lies on the banks of the River Lee.

If you have any questions regarding researching your ancestry in Co.Cork, please contact me anytime.

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