Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Research your Irish Family History

Research your Irish Family History

For people visiting Ireland to research their Irish ancestry the National Library of Ireland ( NLI ) is a must. The NLI is situated in central Dublin next to Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) and just a couple of minutes walk from St. Stephen's Green and Trinity College. 

I am lucky that I get to Dublin from time to time and I visited Dublin a few weeks ago.

I will begin with a few words  of advice for visitors to hopefully assist their research and also where to stay etc.

Literally less than a 40 second walk away from the NLI is a fine hotel on Molesworth Street. Buswells hotel  is reasonably priced with friendly and helpful staff. I can't recommend this hotel highly enough. A major plus of the hotel is  that it keeps travel costs down, Grafton Street is at the end of the street and the the bus link for Dublin Airport is nearby. I have linked the contact details for  Buswells Hotel or you can directly email the hotel. 

At the NLI you can search RC registers (usually pre 1880) on film covering all of Ireland. In the adjoining room you can ask for advice where the staff are most helpful really should be well prepared for your visit and if you need any advice please email me at the link below.

Not only are there RC records available at the NLI. Out of curiousity I went in search of The Society of Friends "Quakers" records where I looked at Rich Hill, Co Armagh records. The records are very extensive and if you have ancestors who were members and the area is covered then you will be very pleased.

I will not draw this out too long as I couldn't possibly cover what is available. Please feel free to contact me for advice and please, please visit Ireland. You will not regret it.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Dempsey Marriages of Cork City

The following marriages are from St. Mary & St. Anne's R.C. Cathedral, Cork City.

25-7-1795 James Dempsy & Anne Driscoll

3-10-1797 John Dempsey & Ellen Howard

7-6-1808 Joseph Dempsy & Honora Fennell

8-4-1818 John Dempsy & Margaret Molony 

24-1-1846 John Dempsy & Mary Connell

20-8-1848 John Dempsey Mary  ?

21-71868 Denis Dempsey & Mary Brickly?

15-9-1889 John Dempsey & Ellen Barron

7-7-1890 Daniel Dempsey & Catherine Scannell

There are more marriages with the Dempsey surname, this is a small collection.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Carroll Baptisms from Tallanstown Co Louth


21-4-1818 Patrick Carroll of Michael Carroll & Mary Byrne  sponsors Mat Halpin & Mary Byrne

3-10-1818 Thomas Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Mary Early sponsors Thomas Callan & Anne Lynch

2-5-1819 Bernard Carroll of James Carroll & Margt Curtis sp's Pat McCullin & Mary Curtis

5-6-1819 Pat Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Mary Craven sp's Pat Dolohan & Biddy Hanratty

18-2-1820 James Carroll of Bryan Carroll & Jane Woods sp's Philip Waters & Mary Cooper

2-4-1820 Anne Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Mary O'Hara sp's Thomas Sharky & Cath O'Hara

28-3-1821 Patrick Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Mary O'Hara sp's Pat McCoy & Bridget Reilly

17-1-1824 Mary Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Mary O'Hara sp's John O'Hara & Judith Rock

18-6-1824 Bridget Carroll of Thomas Carroll & Judith Macken sp's Pat Maguire & Anne Gormon Email me! click here

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hogg baptisms St Peter's RC Drogheda.

Hog / Hogg

Baptisms from St Peter's RC Drogheda.

9th April 1744 Eleanor Hog of Andrew Hog & Margaret White

8th Aug 1745 Thomas Hog of Andrew Hog & Margaret White

3rd Jan 1748 Catherine Hogg of Andrew Hogg & Margaret White

4th March 1749 Andrew Hogg of Andrew Hogg & Margaret White.

7th April 1751 Edward Hogg of Andrew Hogg & Margaret White

1st april 1752 John Hog of  James Hog & Alice Kelly

12th Oct 1753 John Hog of Andrew Hog & Margaret White.

12th March 1754 James Hog of James Hog & Alison Kelly

20th March 1827  Pat Hog of James Hog & Ellen Gernon

6th Dec 1830 Andrew Hogg of James Hogg & Ellen Gernon

20th April 1834 Judith Hogg of James  Hogg & Mary Jones

10th Dec 1839 Laurence Hogg of Michael Hogg & Eleanor Moore.

?       ?  1841 Michael Hogg of Michael Hogg & Ellen Moore

3rd April 1843 Elizabeth Hog of James Hog & Mary Jones

19th Nov 1845 John Hogg of Michael Hogg & Ellen Moore

?       ?  1848 Matt Patt Hogg of Michael Hogg & Ellen  Moore

15th April 1851 James Hogg of Michael Hogg & Ellen Moore

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Famine in Co. Mayo 1847

To the Editor of the Freeman's Journal, May 11th 1847.

Dear Sir- To behold the  awful state of this parish is indeed frightful beyond conception. Famine, destitution, despair and death. Men, women and children sick and dying of hunger. Will anything be done for their relief? This district is totally neglected. We  have complied with all the requisite rules. We  got several promises, but  no relief. I humbly request that your journal will direct me  to what I should do.
I send the names of those who died of want and  hunger in three villages on the mountain district, in the month of April alone- 

Drimcaggy, Ballybanane, and Darras- John Hough, Anna Hough, Judy Meenachan, Katy Gibbons, Frank Dermody, Pat Walsh, John Durken, John Staunton, Kate McNilly, Beggar at Gortanukellen, John Malley, Austin Going, Henry Walsh, Pat Walsh, John Walsh, Tom Malley, Pat Lally, Bryan Boyle, Henry Walsh, J Mother, Pat Glynn, James Dolan, Peggy Walsh, William Walsh, Tom Henehan, William Dolan's wife, John Henehan's wife, John Moran's  son, Biddy Lally, Thady Connolly, Pat Greavey, William Horan, Michael Malley, Michael Miller, James Drunane's wife, Mary Connolly, Martin Hanlon, New Boland's son, William Heneehan's son, Biddy  Mally, Pat Stanton, Martin Sheridan, Biddy Kyne, Mathew Heneehan, William Hanlon's son, a Travelling  man, Anthony Heneehan's son, Lakey Higgins, Pat Stanton, Tom Walsh, John Joyce, P Cly?im, Michael Heneehan, Philip Meenachan, Peter Lally, Stephen Walsh, Winy Gibbons, James Dermody, Martin Lally, John Knight, Tom Bourke, Michael Dolan, John Sheridan's son, Pat Kennedy, Anthony O'Brien, Tom Heneehan, Martin McC?addy, Michael Donnellan, William Heneehan's wife, Peter Gibbons, Luke Gibbons, Walter Cusack and James  Malley.

All of the above persons died of cold and hunger in one month, out of a population of around 300 families.

The poor people are dying in the fields, in the streets, in the ditches, on the roads, and in the houses; some remaining for 4, 6, or 7 days without interment - without winding sheets; all- all sick or hungry, without food, or means to buy any. 

Such are the scenes or woe in the mountains of Partree.

Your's truly,
Peter Ward, P.P., Partree.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Famine in Co Leitrim

So many people reading this blog would have had ancestors that left Ireland because of "The Great Hunger" / "Famine."

I have added a few reports from this time to give you some idea on the impact  it had on the people and area.

The following is a letter from a Parish Priest that appeared in an Irish newspaper in 1847. Research is much more than names and dates.


Parish of  Glenade, Diocese of Kilmore, per Rev. Francis O’Reilly, P.P.

Total number of deaths from October 1st, 1846 to April 1st, 1847 ? 173.

Number of same known to be occasioned by famine? 129.

Number  of deaths same period former year?  143.

I an the P.P. of the poorest parish in Ireland. I am placed in the bogs of Leitrim where the plough was never stretched; no protestant church, no resident gentleman, no magistrate, no respectable person to co-operate with me; the parish is small, and the people so very poor they could not  support a curate.
The land here consists of reclaimed bogs. No wheat. The poor people chiefly depended  on the potato - the potato perished and the people are perishing for want of them. We have no soup; for God’s sake, in the name of humanity, can you point out to me where, or how  I could procure some relief to help us to wade through these few trying weeks?

Observe that in all  cases where old people were employed on the public works, that they could not procure for themselves and family a sufficiency of food. They sank exhausted and died.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Census of Death Returns

The following are names of people who died in parishes from October 1846 - April 1847. Not all those named died from starvation but obviously a high percentage did. I haven't transcribed all areas that I have seen and they aren't nationwide.

If anyone has an interest in Ballinhassig, Co Cork please e-mail me as I have a large list of names  there.

From the Parish of Clare Island, Co Mayo. The Rev. Peter Ward, P.P.

Number of Deaths from 1st October,1846 - 1st April 47 viz- 82.

Lecarrow Village- Charles Malley, Hugh Malley, Dominick Bradshaw, Cicily Malley, Mary Moran sen., Mary Moran jun., John Grady, Austin Kean, Bridget Grimes.

Cappangour- Pat Barrett, Margaret Barrett, Mary Malley.

Kill- Sarah Malley, Michael Malley, Michael Schofield, Pat Malley, Margaret Grady, Mary Ruddy, Honor Ruddy, John Ruddy, Letitia Barrett, Mary Barrett.

I also have the lists for the townlands of Founglass, Glen, Toormore Village, Streak Village, Ballytouhy. (All the above are from the parish of Clare Island.)

From the United Parishes of Kinvara, Killina, and Durus, Co Galway, per the Rev. Francis Arthur C Ad-r.

"Deaths by starvation from October 1846 to April 1847. - 148
Number of deaths occasioned by eating bad food- such as nettles, seaweed - 98.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

I have been asked by the organisers to post details of the up and coming festival here in Cork.

Please visit their website for further details.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

WW I - Last letter home

Though my blog is centred around my Irish ancestry at times I do include some research from my Welsh side. 

I recently visited Wales and I spent a huge amount of time going through old photographs belonging to my family.

I was delighted to find many photos of my grandfather during WW II and older photos too. What took my eye was a sheet of paper that had been folded many times and wasn't in great shape. On inspection and reading a couple of times I recognised the names of siblings to my grandfather. I soon realised that it was the last page of a letter from my grandfather's brother to my great grandparents in Wales.

I decided to transcribe it here for relatives and those who have an interest in such things. I believe I have it right but I can't make out any's written in pencil and I know it's pre May 11th 1915. 


I have recently discovered that Percy was killed on the 11th May 1915 (France & Flanders.) 

I had been told that he lied about his age to get into the army. I knew Percy lived in Penpergwm, Abergavenny when he joined up (Monmouthshire Territorial) in Abertillery. 
Percy was baptised in April, 1898 (Brampton Abbott's, Herefordshire) so I dont believe he was much older than 17 years and 4 months when he was killed.

......... get any writing paper I received your parcel quite safe for it is quite a luxury to have a parcel in France well I am very sorry to hear Fred so? keep bad all the time  (probably meant keep so bad all the time) just tell him to write now and again and tell Mabel and George to write (they lived in Canada) Well now I must close with best love from your loving son Percy. xxxxx 

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Anglican Record Project

I do not need to go into much detail as the site says it all.

It's an important development with C of I records and you will be able to follow the progression of records as they are published.

Please remember that during the famine many R.C.'s temporarily converted in order to qualify to be fed.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Philadelphia Irish 1841

I have many hundreds to add, this is a tiny fraction of those that are listed.

Loyal National Repeal Association - Philadelphia.

Freeman’s Journal August 6th 1841

*(Dublin newspaper)

The following are the names (Continued from yesterday’s FREEMAN) of the friends of Ireland of Philadelphia, who subscribed the munificent sum of 200l ., noticed in Monday’s proceedings at the association:-


Susannah McLaughlin, Philadelphia; Mary McLaughlin, do; Joseph McLaughlin, do; Mrs Catherine Walshe, do; Benjamin M Evans, do; Edward McGowan, do; George H Hawkins, do; Thomas H Hughes, Old Ireland; Captain John Pascal, France; Stephen M Byrnes, Philadelphia; Michael Treanor, Tyrone; Michael Tuite, Meath; William Guilfoyle, Queen’s County; Hugh Smith, Donegal; John Murphy, city of Cork; Thomas Lewellyn, Philadelphia; Richard Feoria, Roscrea; John O’Kane, Derry; Major W. W. Weeks? Philadelphia; Edwin Buck, England; John Mead, Philadelphia;; Patrick McElroy, Portaferry, Down; Thomas H P Norman, Philadelphia; Thomas McFadden, Mansynuke? Michael Murphy, city of Dublin, Daniel McKenny, Down; Patrick McKenny, do; William McGliney, Tyrone; John Downey, Philadelphia; Dr John Keohler, do; John Quin, Longford, Mary Brady, do; Mary Fary Farrell, do; Catherine Heslin, do; Mary Burke, do; Patrick Green, Armagh; James Derwin, Leitrim; Ellen L Sweeny, Bandon, Cork; James Martin, Down; George Devinny, Coleraine; Richard Edwards, Wicklow; Francis McCaffry, Philadelphia; James Mahony, Bandon; Owen McGinty, Donegal; Thomas Birgins, Cavan; James Forcus, Donegal; John Marshall, Tyrone;Patrick T Coffy, do; Phillip Devine, do; Patrick Gallaher, Donegal; Patrick McGough, Louth; Joseph Francis, Philadelphia; Samual C Bishop, do; Edward Williams, do; Mrs Thomas McCoy, do; James A Farrelly, Chester, Philadelphia; Patrick McBride, Tyrone; Edw Carr, do; Hugh Reilly, Virginia, Cavan; Arthur Magner, Cork; J Mangar, do; William Cullen, Wicklow; J. McGrath, Vinegar-hill; John McNichol, Derry; James Lamb, Limerick; Wm, Riordan, Mallow; * (Co Cork) Joshua Sturgess, Philadelphia; Timothy Whelan, Abbeyleix, Queens County; P Toomy, Bandon; James Doherty, Derry; H B Duffy, Derry; Danile McNally, Tyrone; John Knight, Mayo; W H Elsgood, Philadelphia; James McGlynn, Cavan; J Duffy, do; Richard Vaux, Philadelphia, Patrick Norton, Limerick; Patrick McDonough, Armagh; Col. John S Warner, Baltimore; * (USA or Ireland?) Patrick McCarron, Tyrone; Edward Flood, Cavan; Michael O'Donnell, Tipperary; Patrick Connelly, Clonakilty; John Goold, Bandon; Jeremiah Connolly, do; Alexander Collins, Inishowen; James O'Leary, Dunmanway; Peter Hickey, Bandon; Charles Ryan, do; Timothy McCarthy, do; Humphry Mahony, do; John Hurley, do; Patrick McCarthy,do;William Hanly, Donegal; Dr. Malone, Waterford; Nicholas Wall, Wexford; Wm. Regan, Bandon; John Nugent, do; J Nugent, Cavan; John Cochrane, Queen's Co; Pierce Archer (?) Waterford; John Landon, New York; Anthony Coghlan, King's Co; Email me! click here

Monday, 7 January 2013

Ancestors Photographs and Sketches

I enjoy managing to obtain photographs of my ancestors but there are other ways to give that special touch to your records.

One of my favourite photographs is that of my grandfather who died on my 5th birthday back in 1964. I spent a number of years researching this side of my family and it gave me great pleasure too. 

I got to hear about a talented young artist from Co. Armagh who now lives here in Co. Cork. I asked him if he would be interested in sketching a picture of my grandfather as I wished to give this as a present to the family. I was delighted with the sketch and I certainly can recommend him. (see link below sketch) 

I could talk about this forever but it's best to just show you........the sketch is the 2nd image.

Feel free to e mail me if you wish to  obtain details of this fine artist.

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