Friday, 21 June 2013

Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

I have been asked by the organisers to post details of the up and coming festival here in Cork.

Please visit their website for further details.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

WW I - Last letter home

Though my blog is centred around my Irish ancestry at times I do include some research from my Welsh side. 

I recently visited Wales and I spent a huge amount of time going through old photographs belonging to my family.

I was delighted to find many photos of my grandfather during WW II and older photos too. What took my eye was a sheet of paper that had been folded many times and wasn't in great shape. On inspection and reading a couple of times I recognised the names of siblings to my grandfather. I soon realised that it was the last page of a letter from my grandfather's brother to my great grandparents in Wales.

I decided to transcribe it here for relatives and those who have an interest in such things. I believe I have it right but I can't make out any's written in pencil and I know it's pre May 11th 1915. 


I have recently discovered that Percy was killed on the 11th May 1915 (France & Flanders.) 

I had been told that he lied about his age to get into the army. I knew Percy lived in Penpergwm, Abergavenny when he joined up (Monmouthshire Territorial) in Abertillery. 
Percy was baptised in April, 1898 (Brampton Abbott's, Herefordshire) so I dont believe he was much older than 17 years and 4 months when he was killed.

......... get any writing paper I received your parcel quite safe for it is quite a luxury to have a parcel in France well I am very sorry to hear Fred so? keep bad all the time  (probably meant keep so bad all the time) just tell him to write now and again and tell Mabel and George to write (they lived in Canada) Well now I must close with best love from your loving son Percy. xxxxx 

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