Friday, 11 October 2013

Census of Death Returns

The following are names of people who died in parishes from October 1846 - April 1847. Not all those named died from starvation but obviously a high percentage did. I haven't transcribed all areas that I have seen and they aren't nationwide.

If anyone has an interest in Ballinhassig, Co Cork please e-mail me as I have a large list of names  there.

From the Parish of Clare Island, Co Mayo. The Rev. Peter Ward, P.P.

Number of Deaths from 1st October,1846 - 1st April 47 viz- 82.

Lecarrow Village- Charles Malley, Hugh Malley, Dominick Bradshaw, Cicily Malley, Mary Moran sen., Mary Moran jun., John Grady, Austin Kean, Bridget Grimes.

Cappangour- Pat Barrett, Margaret Barrett, Mary Malley.

Kill- Sarah Malley, Michael Malley, Michael Schofield, Pat Malley, Margaret Grady, Mary Ruddy, Honor Ruddy, John Ruddy, Letitia Barrett, Mary Barrett.

I also have the lists for the townlands of Founglass, Glen, Toormore Village, Streak Village, Ballytouhy. (All the above are from the parish of Clare Island.)

From the United Parishes of Kinvara, Killina, and Durus, Co Galway, per the Rev. Francis Arthur C Ad-r.

"Deaths by starvation from October 1846 to April 1847. - 148
Number of deaths occasioned by eating bad food- such as nettles, seaweed - 98.

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  1. Kevin, Thank you for your post. I am very interested in the Howard, Long, and Lane families living in Ballinhassig and would like to know if any appear on the 1846-7 deaths on census returns. Any assistance appreciated. Thank you. Micaela

  2. Hi Micaela, If you send me an email (look at the end of each post) I'll discuuss this further.
    Bestr regards.