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Famine in Co. Mayo 1847

To the Editor of the Freeman's Journal, May 11th 1847.

Dear Sir- To behold the  awful state of this parish is indeed frightful beyond conception. Famine, destitution, despair and death. Men, women and children sick and dying of hunger. Will anything be done for their relief? This district is totally neglected. We  have complied with all the requisite rules. We  got several promises, but  no relief. I humbly request that your journal will direct me  to what I should do.
I send the names of those who died of want and  hunger in three villages on the mountain district, in the month of April alone- 

Drimcaggy, Ballybanane, and Darras- John Hough, Anna Hough, Judy Meenachan, Katy Gibbons, Frank Dermody, Pat Walsh, John Durken, John Staunton, Kate McNilly, Beggar at Gortanukellen, John Malley, Austin Going, Henry Walsh, Pat Walsh, John Walsh, Tom Malley, Pat Lally, Bryan Boyle, Henry Walsh, J Mother, Pat Glynn, James Dolan, Peggy Walsh, William Walsh, Tom Henehan, William Dolan's wife, John Henehan's wife, John Moran's  son, Biddy Lally, Thady Connolly, Pat Greavey, William Horan, Michael Malley, Michael Miller, James Drunane's wife, Mary Connolly, Martin Hanlon, New Boland's son, William Heneehan's son, Biddy  Mally, Pat Stanton, Martin Sheridan, Biddy Kyne, Mathew Heneehan, William Hanlon's son, a Travelling  man, Anthony Heneehan's son, Lakey Higgins, Pat Stanton, Tom Walsh, John Joyce, P Cly?im, Michael Heneehan, Philip Meenachan, Peter Lally, Stephen Walsh, Winy Gibbons, James Dermody, Martin Lally, John Knight, Tom Bourke, Michael Dolan, John Sheridan's son, Pat Kennedy, Anthony O'Brien, Tom Heneehan, Martin McC?addy, Michael Donnellan, William Heneehan's wife, Peter Gibbons, Luke Gibbons, Walter Cusack and James  Malley.

All of the above persons died of cold and hunger in one month, out of a population of around 300 families.

The poor people are dying in the fields, in the streets, in the ditches, on the roads, and in the houses; some remaining for 4, 6, or 7 days without interment - without winding sheets; all- all sick or hungry, without food, or means to buy any. 

Such are the scenes or woe in the mountains of Partree.

Your's truly,
Peter Ward, P.P., Partree.

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