Friday, 9 November 2012

Griffiths Valuation & Cancellation Books

I have discussed this before but I thought I would give another example of the griffith's and the cancellation books.

I couldn't see my Savage ancestors in the griffith's valuation so I went through the cancellation books in Dublin for that area where I knew they lived in the early 1860's. This is a very good way of seeing who owned/rented the property before my gx2 grandfather.
Of course you can also see through out the years who the next and next etc. tenant was.

This not so great photograph (c.1861) is of the original entry. Arthur Savage was my Gx2 grandfather from Co Meath, Ireland.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

McCormack of Co Louth (8)

Togher -

Mary 1863 Patrick 1864 Bridget 1868 


Laurence 1794 John 1796 Mary 1810 Elen 1815 James 1815 Bridget 1824 Mary 1826 Anne 1839 Thomas 1844 Margaret 1847 Thomas 1847 Anne 1850 Pat 1852 Rose 1854 Pat 1857 Mary 1858 John 1862 Margaret Emily 1882 Robert 1884 

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Irish Genealogy Books by County

I have enclosed a link to a website that publishes books on Irish genealogy by county.

Over the years I have found several of them extremely useful in my research and highly recommend them to researchers no matter what level you are researching from.

There are 15 titles available at the moment. I'm sure if you have any questions on how to obtain a copy of any one title I am sure they will be delighted to hear from you.
Fly Leaf Press

Saturday, 13 October 2012

McCormack of Co Louth (7)


McCormick (No McCormack)

Mary 1820 Thomas 1822 Ann 1828 Patrick 1851 Mary 1852


Mary Anne 1863 Margaret Elizabeth 1865


Bridget 1862 Patrick 1868 Bridget 1870
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

McCormack of Co Louth (6)

Lordship  (as usual the McCormack's are followed by McCormick)

Mary 1865 Patrick 1865


Bernard 1834 Bernard 1856 Thomas 1861.


Elizabeth 1832 John 1835 John 1837 Hugh 1837 Anne 1840 George 1856 Anne 1858 Mary 1860 James 1863 Catherine 1863 James 1868 Richard 1868 Bridget 1868  Catherine 1870  Catherine 1870 Mary 1871 John 1871


Pat 1836 Mary 1838 Ellen 1839 Catharine 1840 Thomas 1846 Patrick 1866 Anne 1866 Pat 1868 John 1870 Anne 1873 Bridget 1873 Peter 1874 Patrick 1875 Ellen 1876 John 1877 Thomas 1877 James 1877 George 1878 George 1878 Rose 1878 Ann 1881 Margaret 1881 Mary Catherine 1885

This now completes the parishes of Lordship and Cooley. if you believe you have another variant of the name then please click to e mail me to let me know.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

McCormack of Co. Louth (3)

St Peter’s R.C. Drogheda

Hugh 1837 Anne 1841 Mary 1841 Margaret 1849 Mary Ann 1850 Anne Maria 1871 Mary Joseph 1873 Margaret 1876 Catherine 1877 Patrick Joseph 1882 Laurence 1882 Catherine 1882 James 1883 Monica 1883 Julia Marcella 1885 Margaret 1886 Bridget 1888 Margaret Ellen 1889 Patrick 1890 Thomas 1890 Christopher Peter 1890 Francis 1891 Elizabeth 1891 Thomas Richard 1893 Margaret 1894 Mary Catherine 1894 John 1895 Josephine 1898

McCormick - Honora 1765 James 1768 Jane 1777 William 1782 Rose 1784 Mary 1784 John 1787 Daniel 1787 Ann 1788 Ally 1788 Catherine 1788 Daniel Austen 1790 James 1790 Patt 1791 Patt 1793 Catherine 1794 Mary 1794 Margaret 1803 Mary 1804 Margaret 1819 Hugh 1821 John 1823 Thomas 1823 John 1826 Margaret 1829 Mary 1831 Patrick 1832 Mary 1834 Catherine 1839 Hugh 1844 Margaret 1845 Mary 1849 Hugh 1849 Mary 1851 Hugh 1851 Catherine 1852 Ann 1852 Bridget 1853 John 1853 Margaret 1853 John 1854 Patrick 1855 John 1856 Elizabeth 1856 Michael 1857 Thomas 1857 Ann 1858 Bridget 1860 Catherine 1861 Margaret 1863 Bernard 1865 Thomas 1867 Mary 1870 James Joseph 1878 Mary Kate 1883 Anne 1885 Julia Marcella 1885

The names McCormack and McCormick are interchangeable. Some of mine here in Drogheda appear with both spellings. Obviously the priest recorded what he thought the spelling should be.
The next parish will be Carlingford.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

McCormack of Co Louth (2)

Here are the baptisms of McCormack's and McCormick's of the parish of Dundalk. Ardee I did previously and Drogheda St. Peter's R.C. will be next.

McCormack- Teresa 1828 Margaret 1836 Mary 1836 Rose 1838 Margaret 1841 James 1841 Anne 1842 Elizabeth 1843 Mary 1844 Mary Anne 1845 Andrew 1845 Bartholemy 1846 Mary 1851 Patrick 1858 Mary 1861-1864 (year not clear) Elizabeth 1862 Michael Joseph 1864 Mary Anne 1869 Mary Catherine 1872 Patrick 1874 Joseph John 1875? Michael 1875 Thomas 1879 Alice 1880 Catherine 1882 George 1884 Margaret Mary 1885 Roseanne 1885 Edward Alphonsus 1886 Patrick Joseph 1887 Michael George 1888 Patrick John 1892 Patrick 1893 Margaret Esther 1894 Mary 1895 Brigid 1896

McCormick -  Aly 1790 Margaret 1790 Mary 1791 Peter 1791 Anne 1792 Biddy 1793 Charles 1793 Catherine 1793 Mary 1794 Anne 1794 Mary 1794 Margaret 1795 Judith 1795 Martin 1796 An1796 William 1797 Peg 1797 An 1797 Matt 1798 Bryn (Bryan?) 1799 Jane 1817 Elizabeth 1818 Andrew 1818 John 1820 Biddy 1822 Rose 1822 Anne 1824 Joseph 1824 Mary 1824 Rose 1825 James 1826 Bridget 1826 James 1829 Mary 1829 Catharine 1830 Rose 1831 Mary 1832 Peter 1833 Patrick 1834 Jane 1836 Anne 1838 Peter 1839 Nicholas 1839 Edward 1840 Andrew 1841 Mary Ann 1846 William 1846 Patt 1848 Ann 1848 Joseph 1848 Mary 1849 Patrick 1849 Bernard 1849 Margaret 1853 James 1853 James 1854 Mary Jane 1855 John 1856 Ellen 1856 Bernard 1858 Edward 1861 Andrew 1864? Mary A 1866 Patrick 1867 Maryanne 1869 Alice 1870 Catherine 1871 Catherine 1872 Elizabeth 1874 Mary Jane 1874 Margaret 1874 Michael 1876 Elizabeth Rose 1876 Elizabeth 1877 John William 1877 Edward 1877 Mary 1878 Mary Ellen 1878 Andrew 1878 Bridget 1880 James 1880 John Joseph 1880 Mary Anne 1881 Andrew Joseph 1881 Michael 1882 Mary Catherine 1883 Margaret Teresa 1884 Anne Elizabeth 1888 Roseanne 1897

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Monday, 13 August 2012

My DNA Results

From the start of my correspondence with Irelandsdna project I found the company most helpful and professional. Every email was replied to in a short time and even after receiving the results I was encouraged to make contact if I had any questions.

I was kept up to date on the progress of the tests and I have been very impressed with my dealings with them.

In my earlier post I clearly stated I did not know that much about the topic. I wasn't sure what to expect, I guess a lot of us have notions of being descended from the High Kings of Ireland and in ancient times our ancestors were fierce Gaelic warriors....they may well have been but in reality these results show where we originated from and what route we took.

Of course the results give me plenty to think about and in time I will read up on the subject more and find out what these markers mean in the grander scale of things. The main marker is as follows-

S145 and Pretani

Along with these markers is the route taken to Western Europe many thousands of years ago. Also where the clusters of people with these markers are to be found in Europe. Primarily Britain, Ireland and Iberia. What I found most interesting is a large cluster in Co Monaghan with certain names........ Co Monaghan borders Co Louth where my immediate paternal line is from (over 200 years ago).

We all know about family history but this really gives us an insight into ancient Ireland, who we are and where we came from. Many of us are from a varied ancient background but all of us make up the Irish race.

I can't help but compare ancient Ireland to modern day Ireland. We may have part of us from Scandinavia, Spain, Scotland, Wales, Ancient Britain, Brittany etc. and then we have modern day Ireland where people from all over the world have settled here recently. That is something that will benefit Ireland in generations to come and hopefully in generations to come Irish people will be looking at their results and seeing what part of the world their ancestors came from to make up the Irish race.

There's one thing we should know....... many thousands of years ago a few thousand people walked away from NE Africa and that's something that we all have in common.

A fascinating subject and one story which will give me something to think about for sometime.

Feel free to take a look at their website and I for one recommend you take the test if you have been considering it.

Irelandsdna project Email me! click here

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

McCormack of Co. Louth (1)

I intend to cover all parishes for Co. Louth (R.C.) and will also add variants in time as I find them.

Ardee - Anne 1850 Mary 1850 Peter 1861 Thomas 1879 Joseph 1881 Bridget 1881 Catherine 1887 Mary 1891 McCormick - Caty 1763 Bridget 1763 Hugh 1764 Mary 1766 Mary 1775 Catty 1782 Mary 1783 Anne 1789 Joseph 1789 Catty 1791 Mary 1791 Bridget 1791 John 1793 Mary 1793 Mary 1795 Peter 1795 John 1796 Joseph 1797 Thomas 1797 Caty 1798 Thomas 1798 James 1799 George 1799 Margaret 1801 Margaret 1804 Jean 1806 Laurence 1806 Bety 1806 John 1807 Catharine 1808 Patrick 1811 Patrick 1811 Alice 1812 Bridget 1813 Laurence 1820 Hugh 1822 Peter 1825 Mary 1826 James 1827 Bernard 1827 Patrick 1827 Anne 1828 Mary 1829 Cathe 1830 John 1830 Alley 1830 Margaret 1831 Margaret 1832 Mathew 1832 James 1832 William 1833 Mathew 1834 Laurence 1835 John 1837 Cath 1837 Margaret 1837 Elizabeth 1837 James 1838 Margaret 1839 James 1839 Margaret 1840 Catherine 1840 William 1841 Michael 1841 Cath 1841 Hugh 1841 Sally 1844 John 1844 John 1845 James 1845 Mary 1849 Pat 1877 James 1884 Mary Bridget 1889

The parishes to follow next will be Dundalk and Drogheda. Each parish will have their own page. Email me! click here

Friday, 27 July 2012

Curtis of Dundalk

The following shows brief details of  Curtis baptisms from the parish of Dundalk, Co Louth.

Anne 1792, Mary 1793, Else? 1794, Peter 1797, Margaret 1797, Mathew 1818, Mary 1820, Alice 1822?, Anne 1823, Thomas 1827, Judith 1829, Michael 1829, Pat 1830, James 1830, James 1832, Patrick 1832, Jane 1833, Patrick 1836, John 1836, Patrick 1837, Margaret 1837, Hugh 1839, Michael 1840, Bridget 1840, Mary 1840, Margaret Patrick 1841, Catherine 1842, Jane 1842, Rose 1843, Patrick 1843, Patrick 1844, Laurence 1845, Bridget 1845, Peter 1845, Peter 1846,  Owen 1847, Sylvester 1847, Bridget 1850, Joseph 1850, Sarah Jane 1850, Bridget 1851.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ireland's DNA

For a number of years I like so many researchers have read a little about DNA I must admit I know very little about the subject. I have heard about people having their DNA tested to try and link to others with the same family area in a given to establish ancestry links. As I have my paternal line back c200 years this did not grab my attention.

Last week I read about a company that is offering a service IrelandsDNA which will help us as a people to where we came from.

The following is from that company which I must admit has more than caught my interest.


DNA is not only the secret of life, it also opens The Book of the Dead as it can reveal the secrets of our ancestry. By having your DNA analysed our scientists and historians can tell remarkable stories of our deep past, stories that have remained hidden up until now. Was Ireland peopled from Iberia, as legends have it, were there migrations from the east? These are stories only DNA can tell. They are not the tales of the usual suspects or of kings, queens, warriors and saints. Taken together our DNA results provide a new way of looking at the past, a people's history.

With their obvious expertise I have decided to have my DNA tested. When I receive the results I will publish them as an update to my blog.

I am most interested to see what the results show.

Please come back in the near future (up to 6 weeks) to view what the results show.

26th June- DNA kit arrived today. Instructions were clear and it's very easy to carry out. The  delivery time on the test kit was very good too.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Co Louth Ireland to Australia

My McCormack's of Co.Louth are well documented back to around c.1830. Not all of the research has been my own as we all receive a helping hand and a surprise bonus along the way.

One such bonus arrived yesterday. A lady in Australia sent me a photograph of her grandmother Annie Julia Lynch who was born in Queensland, Australia.

Annie was the daughter of Philip Lynch & Rose McCormack who were married at St Peter's R.C. Church, Drogheda, Co Louth. Annie was probably named after Annie Mathews (my Gx2 Grandmother) who was married to my Gx2 Grandfather Thomas McCormack.

Rose McCormack was a younger sister to my Gx1 Grandfather Bernard McCormack (1849) and this in turn would make Annie Julia a first cousin to my grandfather Patrick McCormack.

I think you'll agree it's a great photograph of Annie Julia and I thank my 3rd cousin Sandy in Australia.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Parish Record Co Mayo 1859

I thought I'd post an image from the registers covering the parish of Killaser, Co Mayo (marriages).

You can amuse yourself by transcribing them if you wish.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mother Jones

"The Cork Mother Jones Commemorative Committee" have asked me if I would publicise the "Mother Jones Festival" which I am more than happy to do so. I have looked into the ancestry of the family myself which you'll find on an earlier post in this blog.

There is a lot more information to be had and indeed the committee are looking for donations towards the plaque which will be erected in the city. A local artist has been commissioned (Mirk Wilkins) and this will be unveiled on the 175th anniversary of her baptism - 1st August 2012. For those in Ireland wishing to make a donation the committee have set up an account at Ulster Bank, Blackpool, Cork City- account number 10832608 sort code 98-54-81. For those overseas wishing to donate click on the "email me" link below and I'll pass on contact details.

Good luck to the committee. (happy to help)
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Ryan of Co Tipperary

The surname Ryan is to be found all over Co Tipperary and this page from the baptismal registers of Newport proves how common it is.

Newport is about 10 miles from the County boundary of Co Limerick so it is found there too.

Note next to some entries their marriage details are entered that I have mentioned in earlier blogs, this came into use post 1907.
This page is from 1874.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

An Irish Obituary

I have recently been attempting to obtain a few obituaries for myself and others and have had a fair bit of success.

I was delighted to obtain the obituary for my Great Grandfather Thomas Wade of North Co. Dublin.

This is from  September 1932 just a few days before my father was born just 1 mile away.

Thomas Wade, Balbriggan.

Widespread regret has been occasioned by the death of Mr. Thomas Wade which occurred after a brief illness at his residence, White Hart, Balbriggan, on Friday last. the deceased, who had reached his 71st year, carried on successfully the business of auctioneer, and was prominently identified with the farming and livestock industry in North County Dublin. At various cattle shows throughout the country his services in the capacity of Judge were frequently requisitioned, and his decisions gave the utmost satisfaction.

He took a keen interest in local affairs and was for a considerable period a useful and popular member of the now defunct Balrothery Board of Guardians. As Chairman of the Balbriggan Coursing Club he did much to encourage coursing in North County Dublin.

The funeral on Sunday SS. Peter and Paul's Church to the family burial ground at Balrothery was one of the largest and most representative seen in the district for many years. As well as a huge concourse on foot over 100 cars followed the remains to their last resting place. (list of clergy follow)

The chief mourners were :-  Mrs. Wade (widow); Arthur and Thomas Wade (sons);  Mrs. P.J. McCormack, Misses Thomasina, Mary Francis, Esther and Julia Wade (daughters); Andrew and John McLoughlin, John, Patrick, Vincent and Rev. Jos. Purfield (nephews); Mrs G Wade, (niece); P.J.McCormack (son in law), John Savage, Christopher Lindsay, J.Monks, Joseph, John, Michael and Patrick Wade (relatives).  R.I.P. Email me! click here

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bringing The Griffiths Valuation Forward

I have often wrote on the Griffith's Valuation  that it is possible to research the property and to show the change in tenants / landowners.

In the Griffith's Valuation the entry has a lot number which it keeps through out the years. The tenant is crossed out when a new tenant is shown and of course this is often a family member.

Below is an image showing a son taking over the property from his father in 1922 Co Donegal. In the Griffith's Valuation it was Edward's mother who was shown as the tenant. The property was in existence up until 1958. The full record of the property covering 100 years. The Tithes Applotments may show the property in the 1830's.

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Irish Newspaper Obituaries

I have started collecting newspaper obituaries on my ancestors of late and I have been delighted with the information that a few of them have contained.

Not only can  you get the immediate family but you can get information on the extended family too. For example it can add "American and English newspapers please copy." Giving the proof that relatives are in those countries too.

I have recently applied for the obituary of a great grandfather from Co. Dublin, a great grandmother from Drogheda, Co. Louth and a sibling to another great grandmother from Co. Meath. These all died in the 1930's and all were born just a few years after the famine.

When you obtain the death cert. of one of your ancestors it is well worth researching to see if an obit. exists in the next publication of the newspaper. Remember most newspapers were published weekly or  bi-weekly.

I'll add an update to this post when the obituaries arrive. Email me! click here

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Philadelphia Irish

The President of the new association of "The Friends of Ireland and Repeal" of Philadelphia wrote to an Irish newspaper in 1843.

He announced the sum of £50 sterling as a donation and also listed hundreds of donors to the cause and adding their birth place also. This donation was made to the Loyal National Repeal Association of Ireland. (Repeal of the Union)

The following is a small example of the many hundreds of donors with birth place. Apparently all lived at Beaver's Meadow.

Rev. James Moloney, King's Co.  Rev Joseph Berg, Hungary. William H Cole, Pennsylvania. P.H.Whelan, Pennsylvania. B.McClane and Major William Bruce, Cavan. Samuel E Wolfe and John Farrelly, Pennsylvania. Andrew McCabe, Peter Coyle, James Donoghue, Patrick McHugh, Philip Coyle, Richard McGavan, Patrick Ganahan, all Co Cavan. Hugh Gallagher and James Early, Donegal. John and Margaret Hickey, Co Tipperary, John Kelly, Co Longford. Henry Hughes, Armagh. Peter Mead, Mayo. Charles Smith, Down. Denis Driscol, Cork. John Marlow, Tyrone. Patrick Carlisle, Louth. Owen Seery & Co. Westmeath. William Field ex sheriff, Pennsylvania. Patrick Delaney, Kilkenny. John Murphy, Drogheda, Co Louth. James Moloney, Roscommon. Patrick Towers, Dublin.

If anyone would like me to look up for others amongst the donors please e mail below. The number of donors could be touching 1,000. Email me! click here

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Christmas Fair Drogheda 1865

At times you can come across little bits of information on your ancestors by chance.

While looking through a newspaper (1865) and reading about the "Great Christmas Fair" of Drogheda I saw many details of farmers who were selling their stock.

Half way through the article I spotted my Great x2 Grandfather Arthur Savage who sold 4 "splendid looking fat heifers" at 24s. each. (£1 - 4 shillings.)

The article mentioned the townland within the parish that he lived in Co Meath so I knew immediately it was him.

It's not on my list of "favourite discoveries" that I have made during my research but it does show that with time, effort and yes, luck too......much can be learnt over time. Email me! click here

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Co. Galway Tenants Defence Association

The following are delegates for the Co Galway convention in connection with the Tenants Defence Association held in 1889 in Galway city. (There were hundreds more delegates)

Galway City - R. McDonough, J.N. Sleator, A.G.Scott, M.A. Lynch, Chas. Kaine, P.J. Donellan.

Athenry -  J.F. Broderick, M.J. Lardner, T.J. Finnerty, J.P. Broderick, R.P. Nolan.

Portumna - Edwd. Moloney, John Keary, D. Burke, Martin Fahy, John Morrissey.

Killimore - J.Hobbes, Pat Fahy, T. Kenney, Timothy Kernan, Patrick Larkin.

Ballinasloe - Thos. Byrne, Patrick O'Neill, Paul Brennan, William Purtil, John Nangie, Peter Nevin.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Co Westmeath Land League

Delegates for Co Westmeath April 1881.

I have not recorded all the parishes but I do have them for this time.

I have transcribed  these from a newspaper when I was researching in Dublin. Possible spelling mistakes have to be allowed for.
Co Westmeath Land League

Mullingar Branch-

Nicholas McNaboe, William Mackin, W.Farrell & James Tuite hon. Sec.

Horseleap - Richard F. Weir & William Sheil

Coulstown - James Clarke & Peter Carley

Rochfort Bridge - James King & James Harford

Turin - Owen Cleary & Andrew Clarke

Taughmon - Richard Duffy & Andrew Bandon

Rathowen - C White & C Dundis

Street - Michael Duff & Conner Gilsenan

Delvin - Joseph Ward

Moate - James Allen & L. Robbins.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Irish Ancestry Research update

If you require any research carried out from May onwards I intend to offer the following.

Research in Dublin (All-Ireland) at least once a month for parish records, copies of newspaper reports, land records etc.

Weekly access to in depth Co Cork records.

To obtain Irish BMD's on a weekly basis.

In certain counties I have contacts if you require on the ground research for graveyards, photographs etc.

Also, if you have ancestry from England or Wales , I can offer research in certain counties also.

*Please note- if  personal replies are required please use the e mail address provided not the comments facility. Thanks.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tithe Applotments Co Limerick

This is a fine example of the Tithe Applotment records from the 1830's for the parish of Knockaney, Co Limerick.

I'd like to thank Patricia Connors from California, USA who passed on this image to me.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Irish Parish Registers

Feeling bored and you'd like to look and transcribe some parish entries?
Please add a comment on how you got on.

Click on image to enlarge

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Land records

Next month I will be visiting Dublin for land records. Many researchers will have heard  of the Griffith's Valuation which took place in Ireland in the mid 1800's. After the valuation records were kept up to date on the property.

For example, on the property that my Gx2 had in Co Dublin the records show my Gx1 taking over the property and indeed the next generation too. If the property remained in the 20th century it is possible to track the owners up to the 1970's. The importance of these records for family historians is obvious.

However, this research does not come cheap. If you wish me to research this for you let me know as soon as possible as I can only take x amount of queries up with me.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

National Land League 1881

I constantly give advice that newspapers are a fantastic resource for anyone researching their family history.

I give here another example of what one "might" find.

I have commented on the National Land League before and indeed I found a Gx2 of mine being very involved in Co. Meath in the 1880's.

The following is from one of the weekly meetings of the National Land League in Upper Sackville Street, Dublin 1881.

Donations were read out where the main donation for that week was from the Irish of Boston, MA. USA. (over £2,000)

At the weekly meetings applications of assistance were read out from those who were evicted. I shall give a few examples here.

Ahascragh Branch (Co Galway) applies for a grant for Edward Pender and two in family evicted on the 28th April 1881, by Rev. Sir Wm. Mahon of Rosherham, Lancashire.
When Pender took this farm about 23 years ago, he had to pay to the landlord a fine of £7 10s. The rent at this time was one guinea per acre. Shortly after it was raised to 35s. He has been admitted as caretaker, but the farm remains untaken. £3 granted.

Kilmore (Erris)  Branch (Co Mayo) applies for a grant for Andrew Gunning and three in family, evicted on the 11th July, 1881, by Denis Bingham J.P., Bingham Castle, Belmullet. His valuation was £1 10s, rent £4. He has not been admitted as caretaker, the house being levelled after his eviction. The farm remains unoccupied. £4 granted.

Ballyhooley Branch (Co Cork) applies for a grant for Hannah Bomen and 3 children, evicted on the 2nd March 1850, by Mr Bleazeby, of Ballincurra. She has not been taken as caretaker, and the farm was taken by Mr William Prendergast of Kinsale. £3 awarded.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

1926 Census

Heritage Minister Jimmy Deenihan T.D. is hoping for legislation this summer for the publication of the 1926 census. 1926 was the first census of the Irish Free State.

Minister Deenihan had previously expressed a desire to see the publication of the 1926 census to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the "Easter Rising" in 2016.

There is talk of it not being free on line (as the 1901 and 1911 censuses are) and a possibility that children's details being hidden.

I look forward to being able to see my grandparents  and a few uncles and aunts on the census.

I will not go into detail on the 1926 census until legislation is passed which should come about in the early summer of this year. Email me! click here

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Ancestry in Ireland.

My own research in Ireland concentrates on Co's. Dublin, Meath & Louth.

The pricipal surnames are McCormack, Wade, Savidge / Savage, McKenna,Teeling, Lindsay, Morgan, Markey, Doran and a few more.

Most of my lines I have got back to pre famine times and a couple back to late 1700's.

No matter how far back you get back on yours...... if you have managed to get back as far as records exist for that locality then you can do no more and well done!

I strongly advise those researchers who have not invisted their home County/Parish/Townland to do has to be more than just names and dates! 

Add a comment on your surname interests too if you wish.

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Evicted Tenants Fund

The following is taken from a newspaper dated 1894 regarding a letter representing the parish of Moate, Co Westmeath.

There is more detail but I am just posting the surnames involved.

The surnames metioned represent people who contributed to the Evicted Tenants Fund. The size of contribution is also mentioned.

Similar reports are available for many areas

Moate, Co Westmeath

Keeney Egan Edwards Keegan McCormack Connell Hackett Ganley Eagney Molloy Mulleady Plunkett Heagney Kearney Baswell Faery Mahon Casey Claffy Farrell Walsh Gurr Gaffey Hearn Sheeran Devery Meares Hillard Adamson Connaughton Geraghty Boswell Martin Shortall Derwan Mullearney McLoughlin Ready

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

McKenna Co. Louth

McKenna of Dunleer Co Louth.

Baptisms 1798 - 1836

Mary 1798 Mary 1799 Margaret 1800 Thomas 1800 James 1800 James 1801 John 1801 Catherine 1801 Jane 1801 Peter 1801 John 1803 Mary 1803 Richard 1805 Patrick 1806 Patrick 1807 Jane 1807 William 1808 Patrick 1809 James 1809 Patrick 1809 James 1809 Joseph 1811 Mary 1814 Dennis 1814 John 1815 Anne 1817 Patrick 1818 Thomas 1818 Mary 1819 Peter 1820 William 1821 Thomas 1821 Thomas 1821 James 1822 Nicholas 1823 Catherine 1823 Bridget 1825 Patrick 1825 Anne 1825 Michael 1826 Michael 1826 Catherine 1827 Denis 1827 Mary 1828 Judy 1828 James 1830 Anne 1830 Margaret 1832 Judith 1832 Margaret 1832 Ellen 1832 Patrick 1832 John 1833 Patrick 1833 Elizabeth 1833 Patrick1833 Ellen 1833 Mary 1834 Ann 1834 Bridget 1834 Catherine 1834 Edward 1834 Margaret 1834 Jane 1836 Mary 1836 Joseph 1836 Mary 1836 Patrick 1836

Please send an e mail  if you wish to post this elsewhere, it's taken an age to record all.

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Co. Cork

Have you any Co. Cork ancestry?

I can search parish registers, newspapers (1700's to present day) tithe records (with images) graveyard inscriptions, trade directories and much more.

I can cover Co. Cork more quickly than other counties with the only exception of Co Louth in regards to parish records.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cork Surnames

This is a small collection of surnames (I'll add to regularly) from St. Mary's & St. Anne's R.C. Cathedral, Cork that I took from registers in Dublin.

Farrell Farren Farrington Farrissy Farry Faulkner Fawcett Feehan Feeney Faehilly Felton Fennell Geary Gibbons Gibson Gillings Gillman Giltenan Glanville Glavin Goodman Gordon Gorman Gould Grace Grady Grandon Greaney Green Griffin Guerin Hackett Haly Hanlon Harold Harrington Harris Harrison Hart Hartnett Harty Hayes Morey Morgan Morley Moroney Morrow  Morrough Mountain Moxley Mulchin Nagle Naughton Neenan Norris Norton Synan  Tarleton Tarrant Trant Travers Turnbull Tyrell Uniacke Upington Vaniston Varian Verling Vernes Verschoyle Whitford Wigmore Willis Windle Wool Woulfe Wrixon Wynne Yelverton Young

Variants of some of these names are seen also.

I'll try to add every couple of weeks or so.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Surnames of Tallanstown Co Louth 1804-1808

A selection of surnames from the registers of Tallanstown.

These are the males from the marriage registers of the parish 1804-1808.

Please allow for variants and transcription errors.

Adams Blackwell Breen Brine Browne Byrne Campbell Carragher Carton Carry Casey Conry Crawley Crinaghan Curtis Daly Dolohan Donnelly Doraghan Doyle Durnin Duffy Englishby Farrell Flanigan Gargan Gartland Goodman Halfpenny Henry Hoey Hughes Keelan Kennedy Kirk Kirwan Larney Lennon Lynch Lynne Macken Magee Maguire Martin Mathews McArdle McCartin McConnin McCormack McDaniel McDermott McDonnell McEnerry McGahon McGill McKeever McKenna McMahon Moran Mullan Murphy Murray Neery O'Neill Quinn Rafferty Reenan Reilly Reynolds Rooney Sharky Sheerin Sherlock Smyth Taaffe Ward Waters Weyer

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Monsignor John Stokes updated.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the family history of Monsignor John Francis Stokes 1896-1967.

John Francis Stokes was born on the 12th April 1896 Failsworth, Lancahire. John was one of 10 children with 5 being born in Liverpool and the other 5 in the Manchester/Oldham area.

John's parents were from Co Louth and his mother was a sister to my great grandmother.I have his mother's family back to the 1700's and I also have records on his father's side too.

Msgr. Stokes was very well known cleric who did huge work in Dundalk and Drogheda, Co Louth. He was particularly well known for managing to get schools built in the town as well as many other projects.

My research has managed to find a full page report on his funeral where my grandmother and other relations are recorded as attending, photographs, records from England, records from Co. Louth and even a film clip from Pathé on Cardinal Cushing's (of Boston) visit to Drogheda. (Note the commentator's terrible pronunciation of Drogheda.)

Msgr. John Francis Stokes is to the right (as you see it) of Cardinal Cushing. Email me! click here

Friday, 10 February 2012

Irish court case. Co Louth

Someone pointed out to me a possible connection of a family from Co Louth that were involved in a court case in 1861.

When I get my teeth into something I do not let go easily though having been up until 4 a.m. this morning I am beginning to regret operating like that.

I eventually found the newspaper article that relates to a petitioner asking for the 5 children of his recently deceased brother to be made wards of the court. The deceased man in question is my Gx2 grandfather (died 1861) and it was his brother who was the petitioner.

The brother wanted the children of the court to be made wards of court as he told the court in the first hearing my gx2 was planning on marrying (she was 31 with 5 children) which she denied. The petitioner claimed my Gx2 had 3 farms in the North of Ireland  as well as being a grocer and had total assets of around £1,800.
My Gx2 grandmother denied this and put a likely figure of around £1,000 stating the farm interests were in shares.

My Gx2 grandmother did remarry just before the second hearing and her counsel stated the petition was to cause annoyaance more than anything else. The Judge threw out the case and awarded costs to my Gx2. (I've cut this down significantly)

After finding this I went through parish records and discovered she had 3 more children (I gave up looking at 4 a.m.) and then discovered she died in 1875 aged 45.

This is about the 6th article from the newspapers I have discovered on my line and it proves when you think you have all bases covered there's always something around the corner.

Adding stories to names and dates is very satisfying.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Graveyards of Co. Cork

Have you visited the parish where your ancestors originated from? If not read on.........

If you know the parish (better still the townland)and would like me to proceed I would be willing to visit the area and take photographs of the church, townlands, old properties and of course headstones.

Feel free to e mail - link below.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

New York Irish

Here are some Irish baptisms where the child in later life married in New York.

Upper Creggan parish is Co Armagh though a part of the parish is in Co Louth.

Creggan Upr Co Armagh 01-01-1891 McCabe Joseph ( Derrynoose ) parents McCabe Francis & McCabe Catherine sponsors Kate McCreesh & P McGeeney later married Delia Hannisy 27-09-1922 Madison N Y Newark
Creggan Upr Co Armagh 07-05-1891 Robb Bridget parents Robb Patrick & McCann,Mary sponsors John McCreesh & Mary McCreesh sp. P McGeeney/ later married George Meter 28-08-1935 Tuedo Park? N York
Creggan Upr, Co Armagh 28-07-1891 Quinn Maryann (Annamar,) parents Quinn John  &Carragher Cath sp.Owen Cogherty & Catherine Quinn / later married Robert Tynell 14-06-1936 Our Lady Of Good Counsel New York New York

Creggan Upr 14-09-1891 McArdle,John (Fergus)
(Crossmaglen ) parents McArdle Francis & Malone,Mary sp.Peter Malone & Maggie, Ward / later marriedMary Watters 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
Creggan Upr,05-11-1891 Grant Hugh (Crossmaglen) parents Grant James & Duffy,Julia sp.Ths, Lennon & Mary Cusack/later married Norah O'Brien 04-06-1916 St Francis Xaviers New York City
Creggan Upr 02-07-1892 Larkin Thomas parents Larkin Terence & Burns Mary sp. Thomas Gregory & Ellen, Hearty/later married Sarah Neany? 29-10-1925 The Ascension 221 Westloy St N York/
Creggan Upr,04-07-1892 McCormac Michael, (Rassan ) parents McCormac Patrick & Byrne Mary sp. Patk Martin & Bridget Begley/later married Margaret Kiernan 12-10-1919 St Francis De Sales New York
Creggan Upr 17-04-1893 Watters Mary Anne (Mobane) parents Watters Thomas & McShane Susan sp. John Rocks & Kate McEnteggart /later married Fergus McArdle 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Co Cork Newspapers

One source of information that can be so valuable are the newspapers that cover Co. Cork and City.

I can search these newspapers from the 1700's. If you have an interesting story relating to your ancestors there is a good chance it was covered in the local press.

In most cases I would be able to obtain a photocopy of the article/newspaper.

Please e mail me if you are interested.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Surnames from St. Peter's Parish Drogheda

Surnames that appear in the baptismal register of St Peter's, Drogheda, Co Louth from the 1st of  January up to April 1873

Beatty Branigan Brennan Bropston Bryan Byrne Cahill Campbell Cassidy Clarke Conlan Connor Courtney Coyle Craddick Craven Crinnian Crolly  Cummiskey Downes Duffy Dunne Farrell Fearon Fitzpatrick Furlong Gargan Ginnity Gray Greene Hary Healy Hoey Hughes Johnson Keegan Kelly Kennedy Kirwan Lowry Magee  Maguire Mathews McCabe McCormack McDonnell McGuirk McKenna McQuillan Monahan Morgan Mulroy Murphy Murray Neary O'Neill Reilly Reynolds Rogers Ruddy Skelly Smyth Tallon Temple Thomson Tierney Tonley? Traynor Walsh Ward Weldon Email me! click here

Monday, 30 January 2012

What part of Ireland are your ancestors from?

If any researcher needs any advice on researching their ancestors in Ireland feel free to e mail.

If you need a helping hand I am willing to help as I travel up to Dublin regularly.

It is not expensive to research in Ireland and records are available.

Surnames can be a good indicator on what county your ancestors are from.

Look back over the posts here over the last 9 months .... you might pick up on something.

Good luck in your research. Email me! click here

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Surnames from Ardee, Co Louth

This is a small selection of surnames from the baptismal register of Ardee, Co. Louth. (1821)

Andrews Boylan Boyle Carroll Conlan Devin Durnan Finegan Fitzpatrick Fox Gray Hanratty Hoey Hughes Malone Marren Mathews McArdle McCullow McDonald McEntegart McGurk McLacy Meath Meehan Montgomery  Mulholland Reynolds Rodgers Roe Ryne Trainor Wade Walsh White Woods

There are many more for this parish. Records begin from 1763 for the parish of Ardee. Email me! click here

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Letter of Freedom

I have spoken before about letters of freedom that were provided for post 1907 marriages.

The person who was marrying away from their home parish were asked for a letter of freedom from their home parish stating there was no record of the named person having married in the parish.

The priest would record in the baptismal register next to the certain person the details of the marriage. I have added below what is recorded in the baptismal registers of Co Louth.

Termonfeckin, Co Louth.

04-03-1893 McQuillan John P parents McQuillan Michael & Cooney Margt sponsor Brigid Flynn, married Helena Palin 16-06- 1928 Southampton , England

31-08-1905,McConnon John Parents McConnon Bartle & Reilly Jane sponsors Owen, Lennan & Mary Cunningham married Mary Cath Anderson 31-05-1926 Duleek Co Meath

24-11-1901Cummisky Michael J parents Cummisky Laurence & McCabe Elizabeth sponsors John Boden & Cath Flynn married Elizabeth Byrne 10-09-1924 Celbridge Co Kildare

Faughart, Co Louth.

22-05-1891 Reilly Peter parents Reilly Thos & McInteggart Mary sponsors James Traynor & Brigid Roe married Susan O'Hare 27-09-1927 Ch Of Br Of Perpet Succour Boston U S A

22-07-1892 McNamee Martha parents McNamee Henry & Begley Margt sponsors Hugh McNamee & Eliza McNamee married James Ferrick 18-10- 1916 St Ignatius's New York U S A

05-02-1893 Wiseman Cath Eliza, parents Wiseman John & Thornton Eliza sponsors Mich Lamb & Eliza Lamb married William McNeill 26-04-1926 Ardoyne Belfast

Cooley, Co Louth

11-09-1891 Hughes Henry parents Hughes Thomas A & Houlahan,Anne sponsors Bernard Hughes & Eliza Jane Hughes married Annabel Kindall 18-10-1925 St Anne's Vauxhall London England

29-10-1892 Gray William parents Gray William & Fearon,Mary sponsor Rose Cunningham married Rose Bennett 22-04-1915 St John's Kirkdale Liverpool England

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Cork marriages

A selection of marriages from St. Mary's and St. Anne's Cathedral, Cork.

These entries I transcribed from registers in Dublin.

  Yr.     d.  m.

1749 - 22-01 Daniel Evans and Mary Sullivane.

1883-23-11 David Evans and Ellen Lyons

1801-10-10 Francis Evans and Honora Morrison

1898-14-08 George Evans (Cork Barracks) Mary Casey (St Mary’s Road)

1877-01-09 George Evans and Mary Donoghue

1860-10-05 James Evans and Ellem McAuliffe

1829-03-02 James Evans and Mary Manning

1892-06-02 John Evans and Ann Leahan (both of Commons Road)

1889-12-01 Maurice Evans and Mary Moynihan

1864-07-06 Patrick Evans and Margaret Whyte

1776-12-08 William Evans and Catherine Callaghan

1886-24-04 Thomas Evans and Catherine O’Driscoll.

1794-04-03 William Evans and Mary Mathews Email me! click here

Thursday, 12 January 2012

1834 Triplets Dundalk

Not something you see very often.

Baptism 21st July 1834 James , Mary and Sarah Bale of Dowdallshill, Dundalk, Co Louth. Parents Bartholomew Bale & Saragh Genen?
The above is from the baptismal registers of Dundalk.

If you have interests from Co Louth feel free to contact.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1834 Marriages in Latin

For those that do not get to view marriage registers here's an example.

This page is from a parish in Co Cork and is written in Latin. It doesn't take long to get used to the latin names  and this is an excellent example considering it's from 1834.

If you have Irish ancestry I'll be travelling to Dublin next week to carry out some  research.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Mary Harris "Mother Jones"

I have written about Mary Harris in an earlier blog and I thought I would add this for those that might have an interest and  possibly be able to help.

Here in Cork a historical group wish to organise an exhibition of her life and work and also hope to erect a plaque to commemorate the 175th anniversary of her birth in Cork.

If there is anyone in Cork, Toronto, Chicago, Memphis or anywhere else that might have some useful information we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please use the e mail link below if you wish to contact me.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Gx 2 Grandparents headstone

Most of us would consider ourselves lucky to obtain information off a headstone relating to Gx2 Grandparents who were born 15 years before the famine.

This is the finest example amongst my ancestors which gives so much information too. (North Co. Dublin)

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