Friday, 10 February 2012

Irish court case. Co Louth

Someone pointed out to me a possible connection of a family from Co Louth that were involved in a court case in 1861.

When I get my teeth into something I do not let go easily though having been up until 4 a.m. this morning I am beginning to regret operating like that.

I eventually found the newspaper article that relates to a petitioner asking for the 5 children of his recently deceased brother to be made wards of the court. The deceased man in question is my Gx2 grandfather (died 1861) and it was his brother who was the petitioner.

The brother wanted the children of the court to be made wards of court as he told the court in the first hearing my gx2 was planning on marrying (she was 31 with 5 children) which she denied. The petitioner claimed my Gx2 had 3 farms in the North of Ireland  as well as being a grocer and had total assets of around £1,800.
My Gx2 grandmother denied this and put a likely figure of around £1,000 stating the farm interests were in shares.

My Gx2 grandmother did remarry just before the second hearing and her counsel stated the petition was to cause annoyaance more than anything else. The Judge threw out the case and awarded costs to my Gx2. (I've cut this down significantly)

After finding this I went through parish records and discovered she had 3 more children (I gave up looking at 4 a.m.) and then discovered she died in 1875 aged 45.

This is about the 6th article from the newspapers I have discovered on my line and it proves when you think you have all bases covered there's always something around the corner.

Adding stories to names and dates is very satisfying.

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