Thursday, 23 February 2012

McKenna Co. Louth

McKenna of Dunleer Co Louth.

Baptisms 1798 - 1836

Mary 1798 Mary 1799 Margaret 1800 Thomas 1800 James 1800 James 1801 John 1801 Catherine 1801 Jane 1801 Peter 1801 John 1803 Mary 1803 Richard 1805 Patrick 1806 Patrick 1807 Jane 1807 William 1808 Patrick 1809 James 1809 Patrick 1809 James 1809 Joseph 1811 Mary 1814 Dennis 1814 John 1815 Anne 1817 Patrick 1818 Thomas 1818 Mary 1819 Peter 1820 William 1821 Thomas 1821 Thomas 1821 James 1822 Nicholas 1823 Catherine 1823 Bridget 1825 Patrick 1825 Anne 1825 Michael 1826 Michael 1826 Catherine 1827 Denis 1827 Mary 1828 Judy 1828 James 1830 Anne 1830 Margaret 1832 Judith 1832 Margaret 1832 Ellen 1832 Patrick 1832 John 1833 Patrick 1833 Elizabeth 1833 Patrick1833 Ellen 1833 Mary 1834 Ann 1834 Bridget 1834 Catherine 1834 Edward 1834 Margaret 1834 Jane 1836 Mary 1836 Joseph 1836 Mary 1836 Patrick 1836

Please send an e mail  if you wish to post this elsewhere, it's taken an age to record all.

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Co. Cork

Have you any Co. Cork ancestry?

I can search parish registers, newspapers (1700's to present day) tithe records (with images) graveyard inscriptions, trade directories and much more.

I can cover Co. Cork more quickly than other counties with the only exception of Co Louth in regards to parish records.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cork Surnames

This is a small collection of surnames (I'll add to regularly) from St. Mary's & St. Anne's R.C. Cathedral, Cork that I took from registers in Dublin.

Farrell Farren Farrington Farrissy Farry Faulkner Fawcett Feehan Feeney Faehilly Felton Fennell Geary Gibbons Gibson Gillings Gillman Giltenan Glanville Glavin Goodman Gordon Gorman Gould Grace Grady Grandon Greaney Green Griffin Guerin Hackett Haly Hanlon Harold Harrington Harris Harrison Hart Hartnett Harty Hayes Morey Morgan Morley Moroney Morrow  Morrough Mountain Moxley Mulchin Nagle Naughton Neenan Norris Norton Synan  Tarleton Tarrant Trant Travers Turnbull Tyrell Uniacke Upington Vaniston Varian Verling Vernes Verschoyle Whitford Wigmore Willis Windle Wool Woulfe Wrixon Wynne Yelverton Young

Variants of some of these names are seen also.

I'll try to add every couple of weeks or so.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Surnames of Tallanstown Co Louth 1804-1808

A selection of surnames from the registers of Tallanstown.

These are the males from the marriage registers of the parish 1804-1808.

Please allow for variants and transcription errors.

Adams Blackwell Breen Brine Browne Byrne Campbell Carragher Carton Carry Casey Conry Crawley Crinaghan Curtis Daly Dolohan Donnelly Doraghan Doyle Durnin Duffy Englishby Farrell Flanigan Gargan Gartland Goodman Halfpenny Henry Hoey Hughes Keelan Kennedy Kirk Kirwan Larney Lennon Lynch Lynne Macken Magee Maguire Martin Mathews McArdle McCartin McConnin McCormack McDaniel McDermott McDonnell McEnerry McGahon McGill McKeever McKenna McMahon Moran Mullan Murphy Murray Neery O'Neill Quinn Rafferty Reenan Reilly Reynolds Rooney Sharky Sheerin Sherlock Smyth Taaffe Ward Waters Weyer

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Monsignor John Stokes updated.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the family history of Monsignor John Francis Stokes 1896-1967.

John Francis Stokes was born on the 12th April 1896 Failsworth, Lancahire. John was one of 10 children with 5 being born in Liverpool and the other 5 in the Manchester/Oldham area.

John's parents were from Co Louth and his mother was a sister to my great grandmother.I have his mother's family back to the 1700's and I also have records on his father's side too.

Msgr. Stokes was very well known cleric who did huge work in Dundalk and Drogheda, Co Louth. He was particularly well known for managing to get schools built in the town as well as many other projects.

My research has managed to find a full page report on his funeral where my grandmother and other relations are recorded as attending, photographs, records from England, records from Co. Louth and even a film clip from Pathé on Cardinal Cushing's (of Boston) visit to Drogheda. (Note the commentator's terrible pronunciation of Drogheda.)

Msgr. John Francis Stokes is to the right (as you see it) of Cardinal Cushing. Email me! click here

Friday, 10 February 2012

Irish court case. Co Louth

Someone pointed out to me a possible connection of a family from Co Louth that were involved in a court case in 1861.

When I get my teeth into something I do not let go easily though having been up until 4 a.m. this morning I am beginning to regret operating like that.

I eventually found the newspaper article that relates to a petitioner asking for the 5 children of his recently deceased brother to be made wards of the court. The deceased man in question is my Gx2 grandfather (died 1861) and it was his brother who was the petitioner.

The brother wanted the children of the court to be made wards of court as he told the court in the first hearing my gx2 was planning on marrying (she was 31 with 5 children) which she denied. The petitioner claimed my Gx2 had 3 farms in the North of Ireland  as well as being a grocer and had total assets of around £1,800.
My Gx2 grandmother denied this and put a likely figure of around £1,000 stating the farm interests were in shares.

My Gx2 grandmother did remarry just before the second hearing and her counsel stated the petition was to cause annoyaance more than anything else. The Judge threw out the case and awarded costs to my Gx2. (I've cut this down significantly)

After finding this I went through parish records and discovered she had 3 more children (I gave up looking at 4 a.m.) and then discovered she died in 1875 aged 45.

This is about the 6th article from the newspapers I have discovered on my line and it proves when you think you have all bases covered there's always something around the corner.

Adding stories to names and dates is very satisfying.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Graveyards of Co. Cork

Have you visited the parish where your ancestors originated from? If not read on.........

If you know the parish (better still the townland)and would like me to proceed I would be willing to visit the area and take photographs of the church, townlands, old properties and of course headstones.

Feel free to e mail - link below.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

New York Irish

Here are some Irish baptisms where the child in later life married in New York.

Upper Creggan parish is Co Armagh though a part of the parish is in Co Louth.

Creggan Upr Co Armagh 01-01-1891 McCabe Joseph ( Derrynoose ) parents McCabe Francis & McCabe Catherine sponsors Kate McCreesh & P McGeeney later married Delia Hannisy 27-09-1922 Madison N Y Newark
Creggan Upr Co Armagh 07-05-1891 Robb Bridget parents Robb Patrick & McCann,Mary sponsors John McCreesh & Mary McCreesh sp. P McGeeney/ later married George Meter 28-08-1935 Tuedo Park? N York
Creggan Upr, Co Armagh 28-07-1891 Quinn Maryann (Annamar,) parents Quinn John  &Carragher Cath sp.Owen Cogherty & Catherine Quinn / later married Robert Tynell 14-06-1936 Our Lady Of Good Counsel New York New York

Creggan Upr 14-09-1891 McArdle,John (Fergus)
(Crossmaglen ) parents McArdle Francis & Malone,Mary sp.Peter Malone & Maggie, Ward / later marriedMary Watters 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
Creggan Upr,05-11-1891 Grant Hugh (Crossmaglen) parents Grant James & Duffy,Julia sp.Ths, Lennon & Mary Cusack/later married Norah O'Brien 04-06-1916 St Francis Xaviers New York City
Creggan Upr 02-07-1892 Larkin Thomas parents Larkin Terence & Burns Mary sp. Thomas Gregory & Ellen, Hearty/later married Sarah Neany? 29-10-1925 The Ascension 221 Westloy St N York/
Creggan Upr,04-07-1892 McCormac Michael, (Rassan ) parents McCormac Patrick & Byrne Mary sp. Patk Martin & Bridget Begley/later married Margaret Kiernan 12-10-1919 St Francis De Sales New York
Creggan Upr 17-04-1893 Watters Mary Anne (Mobane) parents Watters Thomas & McShane Susan sp. John Rocks & Kate McEnteggart /later married Fergus McArdle 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Co Cork Newspapers

One source of information that can be so valuable are the newspapers that cover Co. Cork and City.

I can search these newspapers from the 1700's. If you have an interesting story relating to your ancestors there is a good chance it was covered in the local press.

In most cases I would be able to obtain a photocopy of the article/newspaper.

Please e mail me if you are interested.

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