Saturday, 5 November 2011

Great Grand Uncle meets Charles S Parnell

The following was published in an Irish newspaper 1885 and a brother to my Great Grandmother was part of a delegation that met Charles S Parnell at Dunleer, Co Louth.

As Charles S. Parnell was returning from Dundalk, by train, he was met at the Dunleer Railway Station by members of Dunleer Branch of the Irish National League and presented with an address.

“We, the members of Dunleer Branch, Irish National League, beg to tender our heartfelt congratulations on the signal victory you have gained over the concentrated forces of our enemies, namely the castle, represented by Philip Callan and supported by the Tory and Whig Catholics of North Louth. We beg you to take back to Dublin the assurance that you had always Dunleer with you, to a man and that, in the victory now achieved, no truer sons of our glorious land exist than those that are represented by this address.”

Signed: James Butterly, Treasurer, Patrick Byrne, Hon. Sec., PW McKeon, James McKenna, Michael McKenna, Michael Lynch, Thomas Rafferty, Patrick Stock (Stokes?)
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