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New York Irish

Here are some Irish baptisms where the child in later life married in New York.

Upper Creggan parish is Co Armagh though a part of the parish is in Co Louth.

Creggan Upr Co Armagh 01-01-1891 McCabe Joseph ( Derrynoose ) parents McCabe Francis & McCabe Catherine sponsors Kate McCreesh & P McGeeney later married Delia Hannisy 27-09-1922 Madison N Y Newark
Creggan Upr Co Armagh 07-05-1891 Robb Bridget parents Robb Patrick & McCann,Mary sponsors John McCreesh & Mary McCreesh sp. P McGeeney/ later married George Meter 28-08-1935 Tuedo Park? N York
Creggan Upr, Co Armagh 28-07-1891 Quinn Maryann (Annamar,) parents Quinn John  &Carragher Cath sp.Owen Cogherty & Catherine Quinn / later married Robert Tynell 14-06-1936 Our Lady Of Good Counsel New York New York

Creggan Upr 14-09-1891 McArdle,John (Fergus)
(Crossmaglen ) parents McArdle Francis & Malone,Mary sp.Peter Malone & Maggie, Ward / later marriedMary Watters 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
Creggan Upr,05-11-1891 Grant Hugh (Crossmaglen) parents Grant James & Duffy,Julia sp.Ths, Lennon & Mary Cusack/later married Norah O'Brien 04-06-1916 St Francis Xaviers New York City
Creggan Upr 02-07-1892 Larkin Thomas parents Larkin Terence & Burns Mary sp. Thomas Gregory & Ellen, Hearty/later married Sarah Neany? 29-10-1925 The Ascension 221 Westloy St N York/
Creggan Upr,04-07-1892 McCormac Michael, (Rassan ) parents McCormac Patrick & Byrne Mary sp. Patk Martin & Bridget Begley/later married Margaret Kiernan 12-10-1919 St Francis De Sales New York
Creggan Upr 17-04-1893 Watters Mary Anne (Mobane) parents Watters Thomas & McShane Susan sp. John Rocks & Kate McEnteggart /later married Fergus McArdle 18-04-1920 St Fras De Sales New York
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