Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fancy a challenge?

Let's see what you make of the record below.

This baptism is from Sept. 28th 1850. (just after the famine)

It's the second entry alongside the number 28. It records the following..... name of infant, names of parents, townland and underneath that line is the name of the sponsors.

Of course I was at an advantage as I knew what I was looking for but this is another example of how difficult it can be.

I would like your participation so it can give me some idea of the variations of what people are seeing and perhaps it can give us some insight on how reliable/unreliable transcribing can be.

Please leave a comment or send an e mail.

Good luck.

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  1. I will take a guess -
    Cath. P. Patt Treacy & May Russel??

  2. So close.......tweak the mother's names slightly.

    Well done.

  3. Spot on! The surname would be Purcell these days.

    Well done.