Wednesday, 14 March 2012

National Land League 1881

I constantly give advice that newspapers are a fantastic resource for anyone researching their family history.

I give here another example of what one "might" find.

I have commented on the National Land League before and indeed I found a Gx2 of mine being very involved in Co. Meath in the 1880's.

The following is from one of the weekly meetings of the National Land League in Upper Sackville Street, Dublin 1881.

Donations were read out where the main donation for that week was from the Irish of Boston, MA. USA. (over £2,000)

At the weekly meetings applications of assistance were read out from those who were evicted. I shall give a few examples here.

Ahascragh Branch (Co Galway) applies for a grant for Edward Pender and two in family evicted on the 28th April 1881, by Rev. Sir Wm. Mahon of Rosherham, Lancashire.
When Pender took this farm about 23 years ago, he had to pay to the landlord a fine of £7 10s. The rent at this time was one guinea per acre. Shortly after it was raised to 35s. He has been admitted as caretaker, but the farm remains untaken. £3 granted.

Kilmore (Erris)  Branch (Co Mayo) applies for a grant for Andrew Gunning and three in family, evicted on the 11th July, 1881, by Denis Bingham J.P., Bingham Castle, Belmullet. His valuation was £1 10s, rent £4. He has not been admitted as caretaker, the house being levelled after his eviction. The farm remains unoccupied. £4 granted.

Ballyhooley Branch (Co Cork) applies for a grant for Hannah Bomen and 3 children, evicted on the 2nd March 1850, by Mr Bleazeby, of Ballincurra. She has not been taken as caretaker, and the farm was taken by Mr William Prendergast of Kinsale. £3 awarded.

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