Thursday, 1 March 2012

Evicted Tenants Fund

The following is taken from a newspaper dated 1894 regarding a letter representing the parish of Moate, Co Westmeath.

There is more detail but I am just posting the surnames involved.

The surnames metioned represent people who contributed to the Evicted Tenants Fund. The size of contribution is also mentioned.

Similar reports are available for many areas

Moate, Co Westmeath

Keeney Egan Edwards Keegan McCormack Connell Hackett Ganley Eagney Molloy Mulleady Plunkett Heagney Kearney Baswell Faery Mahon Casey Claffy Farrell Walsh Gurr Gaffey Hearn Sheeran Devery Meares Hillard Adamson Connaughton Geraghty Boswell Martin Shortall Derwan Mullearney McLoughlin Ready

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