Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ireland's DNA

For a number of years I like so many researchers have read a little about DNA I must admit I know very little about the subject. I have heard about people having their DNA tested to try and link to others with the same family area in a given to establish ancestry links. As I have my paternal line back c200 years this did not grab my attention.

Last week I read about a company that is offering a service IrelandsDNA which will help us as a people to where we came from.

The following is from that company which I must admit has more than caught my interest.


DNA is not only the secret of life, it also opens The Book of the Dead as it can reveal the secrets of our ancestry. By having your DNA analysed our scientists and historians can tell remarkable stories of our deep past, stories that have remained hidden up until now. Was Ireland peopled from Iberia, as legends have it, were there migrations from the east? These are stories only DNA can tell. They are not the tales of the usual suspects or of kings, queens, warriors and saints. Taken together our DNA results provide a new way of looking at the past, a people's history.

With their obvious expertise I have decided to have my DNA tested. When I receive the results I will publish them as an update to my blog.

I am most interested to see what the results show.

Please come back in the near future (up to 6 weeks) to view what the results show.

26th June- DNA kit arrived today. Instructions were clear and it's very easy to carry out. The  delivery time on the test kit was very good too.

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  1. We just submitted my husband's DNA for I didn't submit mine just yet because I am afraid it will only tell me that I've got Irish and German ancestors. That is something that I already know. I am back at least 200 years across the board with my family line, give or take. Now, my husband is German, Irish, Scottish and has a claim to be Native American. We kind of figure that the DNA test will tell us whether or not the Native American is true or not. I am just not sure what we might find out for the rest of his origins. It will be 4-6 weeks for results as we just mailed it in last week. I look forward to seeing what happens with yours!