Monday, 13 August 2012

My DNA Results

From the start of my correspondence with Irelandsdna project I found the company most helpful and professional. Every email was replied to in a short time and even after receiving the results I was encouraged to make contact if I had any questions.

I was kept up to date on the progress of the tests and I have been very impressed with my dealings with them.

In my earlier post I clearly stated I did not know that much about the topic. I wasn't sure what to expect, I guess a lot of us have notions of being descended from the High Kings of Ireland and in ancient times our ancestors were fierce Gaelic warriors....they may well have been but in reality these results show where we originated from and what route we took.

Of course the results give me plenty to think about and in time I will read up on the subject more and find out what these markers mean in the grander scale of things. The main marker is as follows-

S145 and Pretani

Along with these markers is the route taken to Western Europe many thousands of years ago. Also where the clusters of people with these markers are to be found in Europe. Primarily Britain, Ireland and Iberia. What I found most interesting is a large cluster in Co Monaghan with certain names........ Co Monaghan borders Co Louth where my immediate paternal line is from (over 200 years ago).

We all know about family history but this really gives us an insight into ancient Ireland, who we are and where we came from. Many of us are from a varied ancient background but all of us make up the Irish race.

I can't help but compare ancient Ireland to modern day Ireland. We may have part of us from Scandinavia, Spain, Scotland, Wales, Ancient Britain, Brittany etc. and then we have modern day Ireland where people from all over the world have settled here recently. That is something that will benefit Ireland in generations to come and hopefully in generations to come Irish people will be looking at their results and seeing what part of the world their ancestors came from to make up the Irish race.

There's one thing we should know....... many thousands of years ago a few thousand people walked away from NE Africa and that's something that we all have in common.

A fascinating subject and one story which will give me something to think about for sometime.

Feel free to take a look at their website and I for one recommend you take the test if you have been considering it.

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