Friday, 13 January 2012

Cork marriages

A selection of marriages from St. Mary's and St. Anne's Cathedral, Cork.

These entries I transcribed from registers in Dublin.

  Yr.     d.  m.

1749 - 22-01 Daniel Evans and Mary Sullivane.

1883-23-11 David Evans and Ellen Lyons

1801-10-10 Francis Evans and Honora Morrison

1898-14-08 George Evans (Cork Barracks) Mary Casey (St Mary’s Road)

1877-01-09 George Evans and Mary Donoghue

1860-10-05 James Evans and Ellem McAuliffe

1829-03-02 James Evans and Mary Manning

1892-06-02 John Evans and Ann Leahan (both of Commons Road)

1889-12-01 Maurice Evans and Mary Moynihan

1864-07-06 Patrick Evans and Margaret Whyte

1776-12-08 William Evans and Catherine Callaghan

1886-24-04 Thomas Evans and Catherine O’Driscoll.

1794-04-03 William Evans and Mary Mathews Email me! click here

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