Saturday, 21 January 2012

Letter of Freedom

I have spoken before about letters of freedom that were provided for post 1907 marriages.

The person who was marrying away from their home parish were asked for a letter of freedom from their home parish stating there was no record of the named person having married in the parish.

The priest would record in the baptismal register next to the certain person the details of the marriage. I have added below what is recorded in the baptismal registers of Co Louth.

Termonfeckin, Co Louth.

04-03-1893 McQuillan John P parents McQuillan Michael & Cooney Margt sponsor Brigid Flynn, married Helena Palin 16-06- 1928 Southampton , England

31-08-1905,McConnon John Parents McConnon Bartle & Reilly Jane sponsors Owen, Lennan & Mary Cunningham married Mary Cath Anderson 31-05-1926 Duleek Co Meath

24-11-1901Cummisky Michael J parents Cummisky Laurence & McCabe Elizabeth sponsors John Boden & Cath Flynn married Elizabeth Byrne 10-09-1924 Celbridge Co Kildare

Faughart, Co Louth.

22-05-1891 Reilly Peter parents Reilly Thos & McInteggart Mary sponsors James Traynor & Brigid Roe married Susan O'Hare 27-09-1927 Ch Of Br Of Perpet Succour Boston U S A

22-07-1892 McNamee Martha parents McNamee Henry & Begley Margt sponsors Hugh McNamee & Eliza McNamee married James Ferrick 18-10- 1916 St Ignatius's New York U S A

05-02-1893 Wiseman Cath Eliza, parents Wiseman John & Thornton Eliza sponsors Mich Lamb & Eliza Lamb married William McNeill 26-04-1926 Ardoyne Belfast

Cooley, Co Louth

11-09-1891 Hughes Henry parents Hughes Thomas A & Houlahan,Anne sponsors Bernard Hughes & Eliza Jane Hughes married Annabel Kindall 18-10-1925 St Anne's Vauxhall London England

29-10-1892 Gray William parents Gray William & Fearon,Mary sponsor Rose Cunningham married Rose Bennett 22-04-1915 St John's Kirkdale Liverpool England

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