Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Marriages from Ballyvourney Co Cork.

A small selection of marriages from the RC parish of Ballyvourney, Co Cork.

Please allow for possible spelling errors.

Dates are in Irish form, not American...... day-month-year.

9-2-1875 Timothy Lehane & Ellen Murphy both of Slievereagh. Fathers names- John Lehane & Pat Toumey.

24-10-1875 Pat Murphy (Ballyvourney) & Ellen Twomey (Shanacloune) Fathers names- Pat Murphy & Matt Twomey.

17-2-1876 James Connor (Derrysagart) & Catherine Lynch (Derrenaulig) Fathers names Thomas Connor & Cornelius Lynch.

22-2-1876 Timothy Riordan (Macroom) & Margaret Lehane (Dangansalagh) Fathers names Daniel Riordan & Daniel Lehane.

24-2-1876 Daniel Murphy (Carrigphovea) & Julia Creedon (Carriganumid) Fathers names Daniel Murphy&Cornelius Creedon.

26-2-1876 John O'Leary (Crossfield) & Ellen O'Herlihy (Derrysagart) Fathers names Daniel O'Leary & John O'Herlihy.

27-2-1876 Jeremiah Dinneen (Derryncullig) & Julia Healy (Inchamore) Fathers names Michael Dinneen & Jeremiah Healy.

27-2-1876 William Twomey (Currahy) & Honora Murray (Inchamore) Fathers names Timothy Twomey & Pat Murray.

More to follow.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Baptisms from St Peter's RC Drogheda

Month follows day.

1-1-1876 Mary Anne Reynolds (Laurence Gate) of John Reynolds & Annie Fanning.

3-1-1876 Joseph King (Hand Street) of James King & Mary Haverty.

3-1-1876 Mary King (Windmill Lane) of Michael Keegan & Catherine Devlin.

7-1-1876 Agnes Farrelly (Scarlet Street) of Terence Farrelly & Catherine Clusky.

9-1-1876 James Joseph Taaffe (Cabra Row) of John Taaffe & Anne Kelly.

13-1-1876 Thomas Michael Kelly of Walter Kelly & Mary Elizabeth Kelly.

16-1-1876 Patrick Campbell (Magdalen Street) of Patrick Campbell & Bridget Gargan.

16-1-1876 John Joseph Kelly (West Street) of John Kelly & Elizabeth Clarke. 

16-1-1876 Simon Carroll of John Carroll & Mary O'Neil.

16-1-1876 Mary Elizabeth Tippings (Scarlet Street) of John Tippings & Elizabeth Mullan. More to follow. © Kevin McCormack 2014 Email me! click here

Monday, 6 January 2014

Lennon of Dundalk - Baptisms

The following baptisms from Dundalk cover entries with Lennon connections.

 18-9-1790 A Hugh Lenan sponsor at a Hinnin baptism - mother McAlister.
 27-9-1790 Mary McArdle (Knockahh) of Arthur McArdle & Bridget Lennan sponsors both McArdle’s.
 2-11-1790 Mary Lennin (Skyhill )of John Lennin & Mary Branan sp’s Daniel Wyre & Anne McCoy
 21-4-1791 Patrick Rudy (Shortstone) Andrew Rudy & Margaret Lennan sp’s James Smith & Mary Rudy 29-4-1791 Patrick Lennan sponsor at a Casey baptism- mother Corr (Shortstone)
 5-5-1791 Thomas McShane (Eden Kell) of Peter McShane & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Mandivil & Caty Lennan
 28-7-1791 Bidy Lennan sponsor at a Read baptism - mother Shoulder (Shortstone)
 8-9-1791 Patrick Dobbs (Tankards Cross) of Patrick Dobbs & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Lennan & Betty Lennan
 30-7-1791 John Lennan (Dowdallshill) of Hugh Lennan & Margaret McDonnel sp's Daniel Bennet & Elenor Quigly
 31-7-1791 Mary Rorke (Dowdallshill) of James Rorke & Caty Lennan sp. Caty Lennan
 6-8-1791 Anne Lennan sponsor at a Donnelly baptism - mothers surname Corran
 8-9-1791 Patrick Dobbs (Tankards Cross) of Patrick Dobbs & Mary Lennan sp's Owen Lennan & Betty Lennan
 4-11-1791 Thomas Owen (Knockahh) of Lamb Owen? & Caty Lennan sp's James Mathews & Caty McShane
 16-12-1791 Hugh Downey (Dowdallshill) of Nicholas Downey & Ann Lennan sp's Hugh Muckian & Rose Knowledge
 14-1-1792 Mary Lennan sponsor at a Callan baptism - mothers surname McVoy
 27-1-1792 James Lennan (Dowdallshill) pf Patrick Lennan & Mary Divany sp's Peter Lennan & Margaret McKone
 10-2-1792 Mary Devlin (Dundalk) of James Devlin & Mary Lennan sp's Henery Mallon & Bidy Ruddy 27-2-1792 Pat Murphy (Knockahh) of Laurence Murphy & Mary Lennan sp's Thomas Hagan & Betty O'Hare.
 28-2-1792 Margaret Lambe (Knockahh) of Owen Lambe & Mary Lennan sp's Patrick McMahon & Margaret Deery
 1-3-1792 Catherine Morgan (Dundalk) of Arthur Morgan & Mary Lennan sp's Pat Nugent & Anne Roddy 14-3-1792 Mary Duffy (Skyhill) of Owen Duffy & Rose Lennan sp;s Bernard Duffy & Bridget Gernon
 3-4-1792 Patrick Lennon sponsor at Mackin baptism......mother's surname McKitrick
 19-5-1792 Thomas Lennan (Dundalk) of Owen Lennan & Catherine Moylan sp's Michael Haughey & Mary Hamill
 18-6-1792 Owen Lennan (Dundalk) sponsor at Hamill baptism....mother's surname Corkan
 16-11-1792 Michael Lambe (Knockahh) of Owen Lambe & Caty Lennon sp's Laurence Casey & Mary McArdell

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