Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Heraldry - Coat of Arms

I do not usually write about this topic. However, when I do come across interesting  information, I do like to share it.

I have often come across websites promoting 'Family Crests.' A term I always found misleading. 

A Coat of Arms was presented to an individual, not a family. I have been reading up on the subject on a website Click Here which I can recommend. 

There can be many Arms for one name, with a lot  originating from various countries. Hundreds of Irish names are to be added over the coming months. Take a look at the above link. 

I have added  three examples below. There are over 8,000 names on  the database. Perhaps you can suggest your or friends names via  email . I have passed on the link to a few friends, please do the same.